Over the last two days, I watched with baited breath (and the rest of the world) as each of the Chilean miners emerged from the tiny hole to the surface.  What an amazing feat!

I cannot imagine what those miners went through the last two months. Over sixty days trapped so far below the surface? I can barely stand the thought of visiting the local caverns! How on earth did they hold it together before making contact with the surface? And then through the harrowing weeks that followed?

I do know that I now love Foreman Louis. The reports say that it was his leadership that helped keep things together. He then sent every one of his miners to the surface to ensure that all made it out.  How great was his joy as he watched each miner climb into The Phoenix, a 13 foot high and 21 inch diameter tube?

When The Phoenix came through the hole the first time, I just stared at my television filled with so much emotion that I could not express. Perhaps it was because I spent the day with a pregnant friend at the hospital, but I truly thought – “This is a miracle. A miracle of life.”  When Foreman Louis’s turn came, I watched that depth meter slowly creep to the surface and cheered as The Phoenix appeared once more.

People say that miracles do not happen, and I say they are WRONG! This was nothing short of a miracle. And it was a testament to just what we humans can do if put to the test.

How easy would it be to just give up hope when you are trapped in a seemingly impossible to escape situation? Those men and woman working to find the miners needed to keep up hope, even as hope trickled away.  We know the reality. These men faced starvation, dehydration, suffocation… could help truly come to them? Those rescue workers kept going and should receive our applause!

What about the Chilean President? I’m sure he’s got his faults, every man and every leader does. We are human after all.  However, his vigil standing as close as safety would allow to the Phoenix’s hole was nothing short of awe-inspiring. He stood there to be among the first to greet and embrace each miner.  It touched my heart. In that moment he showed to the rest of the world just how things are done.

And we think our trials are hard? Imagine those miners. It definitely puts MY life in a new perspective.  My own President stated that this rescue inspired the world. I fully agree with the statement.

My prayers go with the miners and their families. Their stories are far from complete. I am glad they are home!

–Lady O