During a recent church conference, I noticed several of the addresses touched on gratitude. One of the quotes that struck me was, “Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.”

I love it!

I spent the week following the conference pondering how I could do this in my life. I’ve enjoyed some multiweek focuses in the past and thought that with November coming up, this might be a good time to focus of cultivating my own attitude of gratitude.  I’ve done this one before.

When talking about it with a few of my friends, they liked the idea as well. Which might be why one of the thoughts that kept coming to my mind was to open this up to others. To take this idea on the “road” so to speak.

So in November, I’m going to focus a series of blog entries and challenges to help myself to cultivate my own Attitude of Gratitude and hopefully encourage others to do the same.  Watch for further details, because I would love for us all to work towards this!

I already contacted several people that I know write to see if they want to join in the fun. I’m thinking of it as a giant “blog party”. Anyone want to join in?  If you are interested, let me know. Have ideas, also let me know! I’m also hoping to collect some guest bloggers to participate.

For today, I’m thankful for personal challenges that help me to grow as a person. I’m hoping this personal challenge to myself will help me in my efforts to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

See you in November with this project! For now, please, comment away!

–Lady O