I will always think of Saturday as the end of the week, even if that is not how it falls in the calendar.  Each Saturday this month, I want to feature the great things I’ve seen around the net that people express gratitude for… that means all of you!

By no means can I post everything that I see out there, but I’m hoping for around ten things each week. Maybe blog entries, maybe photos, maybe tweets/status updates… you can check it out here each Saturday throughout November!

How do I choose? Really, there’s no way to know.  Maybe these are things that touch my heart because I am thankful for the same thing, or perhaps I feel like I need to feel the same way and want to improve. Maybe it’s just something put well or exceedingly creative.

Been looking at a bunch of family pics, and I am so grateful for such a wonderful (and mostly photogenic) family

–KevinEarl via Twitter

…is grateful for the health and safety of my family. They are such a blessing in my life. Much love to my husband and children!!! ♥

–Robin on Facebook

My Daily Pre-Thanksgiving Gratitude List (Updated Daily

–Link found on Twitter, I’m not alone!

Tip – Silent gratitude isn’t very much use to anyone.

— Gertrude Stein

I dedicate my 10K tweet to all my wonderful & lovely chatting tweeps who keep me giggling daily. You are the best & I appreciate you!! 😀 ❤

–Karenof4 on Twitter

#Gratitude is when memory is stored in the #heart and not in the mind.

~Lionel Hampton

HAWAIIAN WISDOM (Mai ena ike kanaka i laka aku) Treat a person who comes in kindness with kindness.

–Retweet on Twitter

i look back @ the peeps i’ve chosen to surround myself w/the last few years & i see i’ve chosen well. all inspiring me, all love.

–feegoodguru on Twitter

I’m grateful for the preliminary job interview I had today & that I’m scheduling a real one for next week. Pray for me.

–KevinEarl on Twitter

Focus on Gratitude BlogHop has lots of good entries! Hosted by Latter-day Homeschooling! Feel free to join them as well!

It was an interesting week! If you have something especially awesome to post, make sure that I see it. (On twitter you can @ladyozma me or on FB… well I dunno…) Lots of people are focusing on Gratitude this month, which is wonderful! Let’s keep it going!

–Lady O