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Greetings everyone! I want you to meet my wonderful and longtime friend – Pollyanna! She’s about as near and dear to me as a sister, even though she’s not really my sister. I am pretty convinced that her daughter and I are long time soul twins. You can read more from her at Polyanna Tidbits.

Also, since you know I’m like all about the photos… I want to totally brag on her. Last year she got an amazingly awesome camera and has worked hard on her photography… including her own Project 365. Check it out! I’ve enjoyed watching her photographic journey over the last almost year! I’m kind of sad she’s coming to the end of it.

Because I feel the need to shamelessly gush over her, here’s three of her most recent photos that I loved: 306, 304, and 303.

Now on to her post!!!


Online I am known as a purveyor of “the PollyAnna complex”  so I use it for my alias as well.  Sometime I have to add something, because the login name “alone” is already in use. I prefer thinking of myself as happy and blessed. To be positive in the face of obstacles. I believe that this idea of “gratitude as a choice” is one of the ways to maintain a blessed heart, no matter what. Still, when I was asked by my friend to guest post on her BLOG… I thought ~ “ME? Wow ~ that feels ~ I don’t know… really cool and important!”  Hahaha

My gratitude post today, well actually my gratitude post everyday for the last 27 years is connected to my fabulous hubby. He’s never given up on me, in all the years we have lived with my debilitating health, [going on 20 years of really serious health issues] he never complains. Yeah, so ~ you are thinking ~ “That man’s a saint! Why does a woman like you deserve that blessing?” I admit, ya’ got me on that one ~ seriously, I got nothin’! 😉

Truthfully hubby’s not a saint, nor by nature “patient” or long-suffering ~ not at all perfect in the larger sense, at lest not so others really see it ~ but he is perfect, patient and long-suffering with me and for me, most especially when I need it the most.

In fact he is beyond all those things ~ when I get frustrated and irritable, then I can quite poignantly watch him put on a patient demeanor and that reminds me [through his actions ~ not his words] to wait for the blessings, to reach deep and find patience in myself. Most of the time I don’t WANT to be told these things, but it’s what I need to hear, because I am WAY blessed!

When I cycle back to each and EVERY one of those blessings I am reminded that truly most start and end with hubby~! He is my world and my savior almost every day, in some way…

We’ve been married almost 27 years ~ stay tuned for the next 25+ years. The first 25 were sometimes a bit bumpy, but because of him I am looking forward to smooth SAILING now. How’s that for a PollyAnna-gratitude-attitude?