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A couple of months ago a friend raved to me about The next thing on my list, a fiction book about a woman who survives a car accident. The passenger did not survive and the woman took it very hard. Over the course of the next year, she found healing and personal growth completing the passenger’s list of “25 Things to do before I turn 25”.

Which gave me a moment to pause. I’m… not 25. Did I have a “bucket list”? Am I where I thought I’d be at this age?

I’ll admit that while I have always had personal dreams, I don’t think those ever made it into any sort of actual list before.

So I posted my musings. That sparked me to think about what had I done with the years I have lived? So I posted a list of 20 things I have already accomplished. Things that would go on my bucket list if I hadn’t already done them like “Drive a motorcycle” or “See the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in concert”.

But what next?

So here is what I’d like to do to add fill my personal bucket so when I do finally kick it, plenty of things can spill out. Hopefully plenty of good things.

The list might grow, but hopefully I can cross things off. Some are things that mean a lot to me, some are things that just sound cool.

Can a “bucket list” be added to?

I don’t see why not. As we grow and change, I think new goals and desires might come to pass.  I hope that this won’t be the last time you see a post from me on this subject. My sincere hope is that if there are more posts, they will be in regards to crossing items off and not solely to add on.

Lady Ozma’s Attempt to Fill Her Bucket:

  1. Publish a book (I’d like to see Juan of the Dead published…but…not picky!)
  2. Visit all 50 US States (31 down, 19 to go!)
  3. Visit and photograph all US Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Thanks President Hinckley for upping that ante!) (I think I’ve got like 8 out of roughly 79, but I’m not counting some of the ones I’ve seen but don’t have pictures of.)
  4. Visit and photograph all non-US Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  5. Take wedding photos in a graveyard.
  6. Visit Paris, France. (Top hits: see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre)
  7. Visit London (Top hits: Stare at a beefeater, see Big Ben, stalk The Doctor.)
  8. See Stonehenge and dance inside the circle of stones.
  9. Visit Greece (Top hits: Athena’s Temple and the sea)
  10. Stand in front of the Kremlin and marvel at the beauty. (And yes, take photos)
  11. Spend an exciting day with Nicole (She asked for it and I LIKE it! But does it have to only be one day?)
  12. Talk the Blendtec people into blending zombies. (And if I could see/help them make it, that would be like bonus points!)
  13. Do a photographic essay on the face of pediatric cancer and the toll it takes on families. And have the ability to get said essay out there to people. I’d really like to cover this on areas where up until a few years ago, cancer was pretty much an automatic death sentence to children. (Like Iraq.)
  14. Ride a unicycle
  15. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  16. Go to the Superbowl (I’m not a sports fan, but it seems like the thing to do) I should probably add here that I’ve never actually WATCHED the Superbowl.
  17. Go on a hot air balloon ride (and pray my vertigo survives)
  18. Visit Australia
  19. Go on a cruise
  20. Visit Chichen Itza in South America. (See Juan of the Dead)
  21. Watch the Rockettes perform – live and in person.
  22. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
  23. Attend a Broadway play.
  24. Walk in the actual B&H Store in NYC instead of just ordering online.
  25. See the prophet live and in person. (I’m not picky, I’ll take General Conference. I mean one on one would be made of the win but I never made it to Lois Lane status so that probably is not gonna happen.)
  26. Photograph a beach wedding.
  27. Photograph a Vegas wedding. (Bonus points if Elvis is doing the marrying!)
  28. See the Pageant at Palmyra, NY.
  29. Visit Cocoa Beach and NASA.
  30. Visit the Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx.

I’m sure there are many other things I could add. And I may. Feel free to offer suggestions. Definitely comment and tell me about your own “bucket list” type ideas and adventures!

My good friend KevinEarl posted in the comments that I inspired him to write about his own list. Yay! Go read it!!! KevinEarl, I hope to one day work on an item or two with you! It’ll be fun!

My good blogger friend Mommy LeBron has a pretty impressive bucket list that makes me want to bow down and chant “I’m not worthy!” Read it now!  You rule. Your list rocks. If I can help you with anything, let me know! Bucket List completion is more fun with friends!

–Lady O

PS If you want a place to track your own list, try 43 Things. I hear great things about it! Look, I even signed up. Visit me!