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Joram is showing one of the residents how to perform a paper fold.

Life has been a little crazy this week around the Kingdom of Sir Megabyte with my Grams moving here and my dad falling sick while traveling.

Yet that doesn’t stop us from finding awesome things to do with our day.

I went to visit my Grams at her new nursing home. While she and I visited, my boys vanished. I went out searching and found them working with a bevy of women. Of course!

It was arts and crafts and the residents were hard at work painting while begging my sons to make origami creations.

With each creation made, cheers went up around the table. The staff came to investigate and stayed to watch. Finally, the boys showed their new friends how to make the crane.

I love that my boys just took part in the community and worked hard to please the residents. I love that I got to witness the awesome moment. They showed such patience and love.

I am so proud of these two young men!

–Lady O