When I started this month of gratitude, I knew my month might be a *little* hectic. November is always busy for me. I participate in NaNoWriMo, I mentor at the local high school, I home school my kids, I gear up for the holidays, I come down from birthday insanity…

You get the drift.

This year my life got even busier. Especially this week. It’s 11 AM and I’m typing this so exhausted mentally and physically.

I have barely been home this week. It’s always running somewhere. So many activities, so little time.

That said, I’m glad. I actually like being busy. Maybe not this busy, but busy. I feel productive and good. I definitely accomplish more when I have more on my calendar.  Ever heard that saying: If you want something done give it to a busy person?

I’m totally feeling it this week.

In the midst of everything else going on, my grandmother and mother flew in from Mississippi on Monday evening.  They came to my house and on Tuesday we moved Grandma into her new nursing home. This is not as easy as it sounds.  My grandma is fiercely independent and hasn’t needed this sort of care before. Her belongs are in transit so her room is completely bare. Which is surely not helping her transition better if you ask me.

My father headed out of Mississippi on Tuesday to return home and fell sick halfway here.  Yesterday my mother flew to be with him leaving me the day-to-day care of my grandmother.  And of course the house once more.

Thankfully, my dad is on the mend, yet still in the hospital.  I want my dad to get better and come home. At least if he were in the hospital here I could go check on him.

So I’m off to do my duty caring for two homes, two children, my grandmother, a dog, a husband, and life in general. If the insomnia would go away, it would be pretty awesome.

I will say that this week I’ve learned gratitude for things that I really never thought about before like my Grandma… oh how I’ve missed her! The kindness of strangers (thanks to the person that responded to my query and hooked my mother up with a ride from the airport to the hospital!) that reach out just because it is right.  The magical ability of my phone to update my calendar, even though I know I’m sorely missing major things that I need to be accomplishing.

Mostly I’m glad for the easy ability to travel. Flying my grandmother was not without its own set of issues, yet it was the best way to facilitate this move.  It also meant my mother could get to my father quicker and with less stress on her body.  I’m so glad that we have people watching out for our safety and these great methods of transportation.

Meanwhile, it’s probably not going to settle down here for a while.  I’m not sure when my father is getting released from the hospital but they are talking about more procedures tomorrow so I’m guessing he’s in through the weekend.  If you notice my posts “missing” something (haha I did edit in the photo for Wordless Wednesday) or my schedule wackiness… this is why.  Just have patience.

As stressed as I am about everything, I am super glad that I have this project as well as the Home a Haven project. Both of these have gotten me through, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Trust me… they have!

Now, I’m off on my busy little way.  Grateful for it all!

–Lady O