Three weeks down in my effort to personally cultivate an “Attitude of Gratitude“! I can hardly believe it.  Are you having as good a time as me? If you joined me, how is it going for you?

Just a note, next week is Thanksgiving in America. So you know I’ll be busy. I plan to still try to find things. But, that is next week, not this week!

What was on this web this week? Here’s just a sampling of what I saw:

I loved the way this blogger listed 10 things she is thankful for with square photos. Check it out!

A local reporter (and a good friend of mine) received three awards for her amazing work as a Faith and Social Services reporter recently. The newspaper ran an article and it brought a lot of people out to congratulate her. Read about her gratitude on her blog…it’s truly moving.

Tina Fey won the Mark Twain Prize and her acceptance speech had me just about in tears it was so funny. It’s like fifteen minutes but absolutely priceless. And yes, she has some AWESOME riffs on Palin which of course makes this of the win.

Sadly I cannot seem to get it to embed. So here’s the link – watch it now!

–Lady O