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A meme over at Casual Blogger Community, and I liked the topic!

Things That Make Me Smile:

  1. Clean countertops
  2. Knitting
  3. Dance
  4. President Thomas S. Monson (There’s a reason why he’s Slate’s #1 most influential octogenarian again!)
  5. My kids showing me their latest paper creation
  6. A great book
  7. M&Ms (Especially if they are red, blue, or brown! And if it’s a whole bag of pink or purple you might get a dance!)
  8. Greg's First Glimpse of Marie

    When a groom sees his bride for the first time. (This is from a wedding in April)

  9. Bonus points for a groom with tears in his eyes. (Right after the above picture, Greg wiped the tears from his eyes. SWEET)
  10. Getting email from mission moms after sending them a photo of their missionary
  11. Finishing a writing assignment by deadline (Love to my former editor in Ohio!)
  12. Walking into the Temple
  13. Taking the Sacrament (Host/Communion) on Sunday

What makes you smile?  What brings you joy?

I happen to love the entire Christmas season. Just about everything makes me smile. I like taking the family photos and seeing the joy that families share with each other. I love the twinkling lights. Christmas music makes me grin like a doofus. Christmas cards in the mail make me shout for joy. And the highlight is Christmas morning. I LOVE seeing my kids and the “Magic of Christmas”. I love it so much that my boys told their father that we have to keep doing this even though they are fourteen and twelve now.

And you know what? The fact that my boys know me so well and know how to make me happy? Now THAT makes me smile!

–Lady O