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I’m so not fashionable or a fashion blogger, but I’m super excited for all the opportunities to dress up this month! What can I say, Sunday is just not enough for me!

Lots of parties, especially for Sir Megabyte’s work.

We’re going to one hosted by a vendor tonight and so I chose to wear this outfit:

Whatcha think?

The skirt is one I got a long time ago, just for Christmas. I used to wear it with this super plush velour evergreen sweater, but that has not survived. A couple of years ago I found the jacket and it matched perfectly!

It's like super perfect.. you'd almost think they came together!

Last night, at the store, I found this super cute cream lacy top. I fell in love. So much so that I bought a black one just like it!  I teamed it up with the cami- action and voile:

You can't tell but that's a marine green cami. Give me an OOOH RAH! Sorry, mil-wife flashback!

The bracelet isn’t particularly Christmasy, just the “right” colours of red and green. I’m not a huge jewelry fan. I don’t even wear a wedding ring. However, when I do? I don’t like it to be expensive, but I like it to look phenom. I blame my jewelry obsessed mother. I can spot an occlusion a mile away. This bracelet was a mall kiosk find of all things and just the sort of thing I like:

I probably wear this bracelet more than any other - except my headache bracelet. Which I'm wearing but not featuring. Silver with magnets? Really?

I love these candy cane earrings my kids gave me for Christmas one year. They are festive. And classier than some of my other holiday ones so I figured they were fitting for a work social where I need to play Arm Candy to my husband:


Candy canes that make a heart = WIN! Please don't say anything about the grey. It's been there since high school. Depressing.

So what do you think? Am I gonna make for some awesome arm candy?

**Kudos to the Joram for taking pictures with my Droid!

–Lady O