I waited but never saw the meme done so I made my own. Take that internet world!

This time of year I like to watch a lot of movies. Partly because it is cold and wet and yucky. Who wants to go out there and experience that? Also because there are just so many great movies about the holidays. Who doesn’t love holiday movies?

I even like the cheesy lame horrible ones. Yeah those ones. I watched one the other night only because it had Dean Cain in it. He was a jerk-wad in it, but who cares! It had Dean Cain! And a woman going through all sorts of insanity trying to get home for the holidays to get married.

Yet other than watching whatever crazy thing people put on their television channel, what are things that you think are “must see” holiday movies? Are you the type that has to watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Thanksgiving Day? The Grinch?  Here’s my list, starting with the movies we watched today in a snow-day marathon!

1. Elf: I LOVE this movie. Will Farrell is awesome in it. I love everything about it. I love the Elf rules. I love the story of finding Christmas spirit again. I really love the South Pole Elf. HAHA

2. The Santa Clause: Seeing isn’t believing, Believing isn’t seeing!

3. The Santa Clause 2: Because I love the Missus Clause. 🙂 And The Molanator.

4. The Santa Clause 3: Because I also like Jack Frost. He’s cranky!

5. Christmas Vacation: I have to see this movie. Last year I was so depressed and threw such a fit about not finding it on TV I not only got a copy on DVD but one on Blu Ray! HUZZAH! I love Chevy Chase! I love his crazy cousin. I love that he went crazy with his decorations!

Movies I wish I had:

6. Miracle on 34th Street: But it has to be the original. That new one? The girl is cute and all but it is just NOT the same. How could they take out the mail scene?

7. Jingle All The Way: I like Arnold. And Sinbad. Leave me alone!

8. Fred Claus: We rented this year and it was quite enjoyable! I loved that you saw the “other side” of what Santa’s family must go through. And that even though there’s sibling rivalry and all… that there’s still the stick-up deal going on.

9. Christmas With the Kranks: This was super funny! Another Tim Allen hit! 🙂

Random movie I found that I liked but probably won’t ever see again since finding it really was a fluke:

10: Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus: OK, it was surprisingly fun. And they had a sequel, Meet the Santas which was also amusing. Sometimes these made for tv movies can surprise you.

I haven’t seen it in FOREVER but have fond memories:

11. Home Alone: Who doesn’t love M. C. beating up those crooks? LOL

12. Babes in Toyland: Anyone remember this classic by Disney? Awwwww.

13. The Nutcracker Ballet: OK, so not really a movie, but there are movies out there of this. I just love the Nutcracker. It’s my dance background.

A newer movie that I’ve added to our viewing that I thought really deserved its own shout out… The Nativity Story. The cinematography is beautiful, the cast oustanding, and it reminds us of the reason for this wonderful season. It’s on a completely different level from the other movies.  I really didn’t want to include it in my 13, but I didn’t want to NOT mention it either.

What are your movies? I can tell you that I avoid both Grinch things. My men like the cartoon one and so they often watch it while I go out shopping or to some activity. And I despise A Christmas Story. Other than the funky pronunciation of the word “fragile” I find the movie annoying.

–Lady O