Apparently I failed math.

All those A’s apparently meant nothing. Really. I failed math. Here’s how:

June 2010 I posted and said I had 257 books sitting on my floor in my TBR pile. Since that time I have read 52 books. At current count I have 272 books sitting on my floor.

What on earth?

I blame: My Mother. She just reads way too fast. And then dumps her books on me. Yikes!

So here it is, January 12th. I’ve read one and a half books this year. I think I need to bust my broken tail-end into gear and do some massive reading! This is pitiful.

What was my end count for 2010? About 83 books. (I may or may not have read some that were not ISBN’ed and thus not in the official count. I think I did. I don’t recall.) Not a fantastic year, but not a bad year for reading at all.

I began the year with several challenges. Sadly, I got sidetracked. Instead I started reading series. When you read a series this tends to mean failure if you are trying to get through an Author challenge or a genre challenge. However, it allowed me to remove chunks out of my bookcase/piles at a time. Mostly I found I really liked several series and I didn’t want to put them “down” when I finished a book. One such series that I plowed through? The Percy Jackson series. Awesome.

I didn’t really read much this fall, only adding in about a dozen books from my last posting.  I’ll fully admit to picking up some YA I didn’t even remember having to kind of drive my numbers up. Shameless, I know. The most notable book I read was the first of Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series. Woah, that was AWESOME. I can’t wait to read that series!

I also completed the last of the Vampire Academy series. That was bittersweet. Good ending to the series, but I was sad to close that book. I heard that there’s a new series set in the same universe coming out this year!

I did get to Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich. Not sure when that came into my house, but I rectified my lack of reading it as soon as I found it on my stacks. Diesel. Yum.

Honestly I thought I read more. Maybe I lost a book or two and forgot to put it on my GoodReads? It could happen. But that’s my official list so if I did, sucks to be me.) Oh well.

What I read in 2010:


Through the Flames: The Kids Risk Their LivesFacing the Future: Preparing for BattleSecond Chance: The Search For TruthThe Vanishings: Four Kids Face Earth's Last Days TogetherWATER and Other StoriesIll WindChocolate AlchemySanta's Little Red SpaceshipLast SacrificeWicked AppetiteAunt Dimity's DeathThe Next Thing on My ListMum's the WordUndead and UnfinishedDeath by DiamondsEscapeMiki Falls: Summer
MockingjayGood Ghouls DoThe Hunger GamesThe Good Ghouls' Guide to Getting EvenEnder's GameReady or Not
Larcency and LaceA Veiled DeceptionHis Majesty's DragonSnipped in the BudFangTruly, MadlyA Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood ForestHoneymoon of the DeadScent to Her GraveSea GlassDearly Depotted
The Little Lady AgencyTeen IdolA Glimpse of EvilJinxDoom with a View
ChangesMaxCream Puff MurderSizzling SixteenSpirit BoundThe Last Olympian
The Battle of the LabyrinthThe Titan's CurseThe Sea of MonstersThe Lightning ThiefTwilightHaunted
Darkest HourReunionNinth KeyShadowlandPromise TideShards: Book FourShards: Book 3Shards: Book 2Inside OutSoullessHuntedUntamedChosenBetrayedDead in the FamilyMarkedBlood PromiseShadow KissFrostbiteSilver BorneThe Lost SymbolKey Lime Pie MurderThe TravelerOne Flesh, One Heart: Putting Celestial Love into Your Temple MarriageMiki Falls: SpringA Connecticut Fashionista In King Arthur's CourtThe Demon King and IChloe, Queen of DenialPlum Pudding MurderCarrot Cake MurderOver My Dead BodyCherry Cheesecake Murder

Pretty snazzy, right? That’s what I thought!

So there you have my 2010 burst of 83 books. It is more than a book a week so yay!  (It’s actually just shy of 7 books a month)

How am I going to get through the so many books on my TBR? I have no earthly idea. Let’s see if I can end 2010 with less than 272 books and we’ll go from there!

Am I going to do some challenges? I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. The challenges add an extra air, but sometimes I got distracted from reading for a while trying to figure out where to find a book to meet a challenge.

What did you read last year? Any reading goals for the new year? I’m definitely hoping for 100 again this year, but we’ll see what happens! (I did it in 2009!)

I also read this:

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ

–Lady O