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The word brings up all manner of happy thoughts.

Journey – the band reminded us ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ with their ‘Open Arms’ .

Journey – the act of traveling from one place to another. Yet we know it’s often not about the destination, but the act of getting there that holds the true adventure.

Journey – my new ride. Which aids my adventures of getting from point A to B while playing my “Greatest Hits” Journey CD along the way.

Journey Tag

Journey Tag on my sweet new ride!

I already told you about buying a new car for my 8 year “Blog-a-birthday” on Friday. I followed that up with my first car “play date” with a Highlander. Sadly, Adrian Paul was NOT included.

It is time to take you on a journey – one involving my new ride and the features I think are fun!

Ozma and her Journey

A valiant steed for Lady Ozma - Enjoy the rare photograph of me!

Buying a car is a vastly different experience now. Today you can build your own ride, selecting features you want most, from the comfort of your very own Mom Chair. I applaud laziness and hermit-ness!

Gone are the days of the low end base model car. Trust me, I’ve had that car. I left for university in a vehicle without an installed radio and no cruise control. Megs’ car? No power anything. Poor guy has manual locks! Not so anymore! Everything came with power locks, CD, iPod ports, you name it! Most even came with satellite radio built in!

Cabin Comfort Controls

Cabin Comfort Controls! Radio and climate at the touch of a screen!

Some of these cars felt positively space age. Sadly, none flew. Or drove for me. Maybe next time! (What? A geek can be hopeful you know!)  This giant touch pad feels like controlling the The USS Enterprise. I like that there are knobs for the old-school as well as touch screen for the space age. As you can see, my Journey is bluetooth capable for safety and law-abidingness. (We do have hands free laws here, which might have a little something to do with virtually every car having this feature built in.)

The touch screen can control settings, climate, telephone, and radio. While in reverse, the screen turns on the back-up camera. I must give my love to the back-up camera. The Federal government recently mandated that these back-up cameras become mandatory safety features. I am full support of this, and attest that proximity detectors in my minivan saved me time and time again.

Further tales in the climate control: I like the easy to reach climate control for the rear portion of the vehicle. Both passengers can easily reach it, unlike in our minivan.

Rear Climate Controls and Moonroof

Rear Climate Controls and Moonroof!

Yes, we even scored a moonroof. Imagine my surprise when this feature came standard in several models of vehicles we looked at! I always thought of it as a sporty high-end luxury and hard to find! We owned a car once with a moonroof, I used it for heat venting in the summer with very good results.

Instrument Panel

All hail the cockpit Instrument Panel!

Everything you need in a snazzy looking instrument panel. The center screen will give you information regarding actual temperatures, fluid levels, tire pressure, and your odometers with mileage calculators. Here in the Kingdom of Sir Megabyte, we’re behind the times. This is our first vehicle with a mileage calculator and I must admit that we are absolutely fascinated by it. No more quick math at the gas pump!

If you like buried treasure, the Dodge Journey is a real treat!

Front Passenger Seat Hidey-hole

Front Passenger Seat flips up to reveal a Hidey-hole!

For real, this cracks me up. I’m so going to hide something good in there. Most likely the ten books typically floating around the floorboard of my car in case I run out of something to read while out! Hey, it COULD happen!

Backseat Coolers

Marketed as coolers, the Journey has two of these bad boys!

With two storage compartments built into the floorboards of the middle row and marketed as “coolers”, my kids cheered. They plan to hoard snacks. What can I say, they are teen boys – obsessed with their next chance to eat!

Third Row Seating and Fold Flat Features

I love the combination Third Row Seating and Fold Flat Features!

I love the option of a third row for when we need the extra seats along with the back two rows folding flat for cargo. This step-up from our minivan’s removable seats will make life so much easier! You can even see the door to the extra storage compartment. Currently it holds the junk from my van. Not shown – the cargo net I discovered like a little present when messing with the seats for this picture! Yay! Presents!

I’m trying to cope with the slightly less cargo space, but with the boys growing older, we felt we didn’t need it as much.

Airplane Lights!

Airplane Lights for the ultimate swank!

Nearly every vehicle we looked at made use of airplane style reading lights! LOVE IT! This is the middle row light panel, but the Journey uses these in the front as well as the rear as well. My hope is that when the kids read, the lights won’t be as distracting!

Power Play!

Time for a Power Play!

For the power lovers in all of us – This sits in the middle row. The Journey gives you: 1 USB port, 1 Aux input, 4 lighter style power ports, and 1 AC/DC plug. We’re getting into the swank! With the passenger seat able to fold flat in a desk, your Journey can truly become your office on wheels. Great for me when on a photo gig!

Key Fob - Dodge

I'm so happy to have a keyfob once more!

After not owning a keyfob for a few years, I’m so glad to put this puppy on my keychain.

Dodge Journey - 3 Views
Three views of the Dodge Journey

So now you see some of the features of the new Oz-Mobile!

Feel free to join me and my Crew for the next stage of blogging adventures. Here’s to eight years… and beyond!

Crew Badge
Special “Crew Badge”. A listed perk in a world where many “perks” are now standard!

–Lady O

**Disclaimer – I received nothing special for reviewing my new Dodge Journey. Dodge just gets to benefit from me loving on my new ride for free. However, if they wanna spring for those heated seat warmers, I wouldn’t say no!**