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Food Trucks, they are the latest “hot thing” to come to cities.  Patrons watch Facebook and Twitter updates for locations.

Does your town have a food truck? Apparently mine sure does! Welcome to Fredericksburg, Beach Fries!

Bright Orange Food Truck - Hard to Miss!

This family run food truck started rolling around Fredericskburg a couple of months ago.  They offer a fried bologna burger, corn dogs, and crab cake sandwiches.  Yum.

I only just discovered their existence, so imagine my surprise when I saw them while out on the town getting gas on Friday? At the time, my car pointed in the direction of Wegmans to pick up some pasta sauce for dinner. Pasta? Anyone can make spaghetti, why do that when I could take the family on a fun food truck dinner adventure?

A quick phone call later and the menfolk were ready to roll out to join me.  I picked up the few miscellaneous things we needed to get through the weekend at the store and went back to the food truck to wait.

It's all about family at Beach Fries!

While waiting, I talked with the family running the truck and learned that they love the UT, hence the bright Vols orange of the truck!  They spent about a month in creating their own crab cake recipe.  That would be a hard life, let me tell you. Yum. Crab cakes. They also developed their own remoulade sauce that is not mayo-based.

Sold. I knew what I wanted.

Crab Cake sandwich looks so good!

I picked up the Crab Cake sandwich meal, I tried their sauce, I shoved this food in my face just as fast as a person could eat. Helpful hint, get a fork. That crab cake is crab, not fillers, and it is quite large. Did I mention the fact that I was about ready to lick the styrofoam box? I have no shame.

We also picked up two of their funnel cakes which were a little crispier than I like, but still oh so good. It was nice to get a funnel cake. Every time I go to the boardwalk, I think we will pick one up and we never seem to remember.

I hope to get the chance to eat at the Beach Fries food truck again.  Though next time I’ll leave the big guy at home since he’s so picky. My mistake for not noticing that burger was made out of BOLOGNA.

Thanks Beach Fries for a really exciting dinner experience with my family! I still wish I’d thought to tell the guys to grab our picnic blanket!

–Lady O

*Disclaimer: I received nothing for posting this blog entry other than the excitement of finding the food truck and thus eating good food. I did tell them I’d blog about finding them! As a twitter follower, I did receive a free lemonade. Which was also good.*