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Right on the heels of my Lord of the Rings marathon at the movie theatre last month, I decided that we needed to do an in-house Harry Potter marathon.  Seven movies leading up to the big event of the eighth (and final) movie releasing to the theatre.

It just seemed the thing to do. I mean it’s been a decade almost since the first movie came out. That’s a long-span of time. I might forget something vitally important. Like Harry is a whiner. Since Sir Megabyte wanted to go visit his sister and we were waiting for my Uncle to arrive, this seemed like the prime time for kidlet #2 and I to hunker down. It’s not like we’re going out into the face of the sun lovely VA summer weather.

And so we did. It was awesome. Snuggling and magic and movies.

Today, said kidlet is watching LotR. Why? Just because he can.

So what is next? I mean I had a lot of fun. And I’m always looking for movie marathons for days like today when it feels like my head is going to implode. (Migraines suck. No really, they suck the joy right out of you. Gah.)

Well, a few months back we bit the bullet and purchased the Apple TV. What a nifty device. Now we can easily stream stuff to our tv. Unfortunately that started what is the Eternal Quest for DVD Conversion. Let me tell you, Apple TV is great but they seriously need to do something like letting you insert your DVDs and then flagging your iTunes account that you own something. Why? Because converting movies takes nigh on forever.

I’m working on it. As much as I can.

Today I’m looking at my database of movies as I’m working on The Wedding Date, and I realize that I have a lot of romantic comedies centering around weddings. And I thought to myself, here we are on the heels of June. AKA The hottest month for weddings. And I’ve got quite the collection of wedding movies. Maybe I should do a wedding movie marathon next time I’m feeling lousy, it’s hot as Hades, or I’m just plain bored.

What would YOU include in a Wedding Movie Marathon.  Let’s look at some of mine:

#1: My Best Friend’s Wedding – I gotta say, I love Julia. Plus between the Karaoke scene and the singing around the restaurant table, this movie always makes me smile.

#2: The Wedding Singer – Please. 1980’s FTW here. I love this movie because it’s just awesome. And of course there’s always the Boy George angle.

#3: Monster-In-Law – My mother refuses to watch this because of She Who Will Not Be Named. Me? Holy cow is this movie funny. 🙂 And it makes me happy that my in-laws are fairly normal. I think I got lucky in the in-law game of cards.

#4: The In-Laws – We’re on an in-law roll here. In-laws are great, right? I know my in-laws have definitely had their time to think I’m some kind of crazy.  But at least if they think I’m some kind of crazy, hopefully I’m not THIS some kind of crazy. 🙂

#5: The Bachelor – Ok, if you don’t watch this movie for anything else, watch the ending. Eleventy-hundred brides in wedding gowns chasing this dude through the city streets has to be one of the best movie scenes in a comedy ever.

#6: My Big Fat Greek Wedding – What you mean you don’t eat no meat? That’s OK. I make lamb.

#7: The Wedding Planner – J.Lo. *Snort*

#8: The Wedding Date – Ok, so this one is so-so. There’s still some funny stuff.

#9: Bride Wars – Sadly, I do not own this one. But it’s hilarious to see those brides duking it out!

#10: Bride and Prejudice – Seriously? It’s Pride and Prejudice meets Bollywood. “No life without wife” is probably the greatest song…EVER… if you need a good laugh. 🙂

Is it really sick that I own 9 wedding themed movies? That I could name right off the bat? I’m sure that I’m missing some great ones, but wow. I’m a nerd.

But, a nerd with funny movies. 🙂

I need to get back to that conversion process!

–Lady O