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It’s never a good day when your daughter drops the netbook out the window.

Luckily for my friend, she knew to text me.  There’s not a whole lot you can do to a netbook if something is fried, but we had hopes and it would appear that hope paid off.

Here’s the netbook:

The Netbook as it was handed to me

Luckily for my friend, the netbook does actually boot up:

Yay we can see the boot screen!

Unfortunately, not long after this appears you hear the computer attempting to access the hard drive. With a horrendous knocking “thump thump” sound that is indeed very unhealthy sounding.

And then you see:

So yeah, that’s not good. RIP Hard Drive!

So what now? Well, first we tested a version of Ubuntu we had lying around. Huzzah for USB Thumb drives! (Don’t ask me about the busted thumb drive I tried first. It burned my finger and then went into the garbage. Nuclear rods are less hot than that thing!)

Ubuntu works! FYI: I love that new sidebar. It’s dreamy.

This worked OK, except that a few things ran a little sluggish. I think I should have left more space for things, but that’s a whole other story. I might try reburning this to the thumb drive later to play with. Yeah, I’ve been a Linux Lover for many, many years now.

So what now? We have a netbook that we can get working. My friend says this netbook is pretty much used solely by her son to surf the web. This might be a bit much for him plus then there’s all that pesky upkeep that I might be called upon to do (not that I would mind).

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