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After inserting, I opened up the netbook and hit power. After a quick change in boot order in the BIOS I was ready to roll. Within seconds:


It worked!

The Chromebook took about a minute to boot up. I’m sure loaded to a working hard drive would prove faster, but sadly I do not have that option.

The first thing I saw? A simple box asking for language and to choose a network. And then…

Google ID Request!

And that was the end of set up. It worked. I was in, on the net, and ready to roll!

(I actually logged in as a guest so that my information would not be there. However I tested before on the USB drive and it even imported all my Chrome extensions and theme from my Google Account!)

So what does a Chromebook look like?

Chromebook live!

That’s it! The idea behind Chrome OS is cloud computing. Which makes it perfect for a netbook with no hard drive. With Chrome as your browser, you get all sorts of extensions allowing you to do everything in the cloud. I’ll admit, I tested out Angry Birds and it worked like a charm! Go Chromebook!

I piddled around for a few minutes, but pretty much your chrome browsing experience is what you get. For a boy using this netbook for the web only? This is perfect.

Besides, now my friend can brag about owning a Chromebook to all her friends. Geek status points!

Anyone lucky enough to play with an offical Chromebook?

–Lady O

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