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I’m on track for my goal of over 100 books this year, but I’ve been busy so I feel like I’m falling behind. Looking at my huge pile of books in the To Be Read pile sure doesn’t help me! And even though I’ve read so many books, it doesn’t seem like that TBR is any smaller!

Yet I keep plodding along. Even though I’ve been a little busy with things such as costuming and youth retreats and the sort. It’s been a full season for me, but I’ve managed to get in 16 books, so that’s not too bad!

Cool Book Montage because I love them so much!


Lady Ozma’s 2011 book montage

The Romanov ProphecyTombs of EndearmentThe Chick and the DeadDon of the DeadOutside InSmokin' SeventeenSpy GlassGifts
Dead ReckoningGoneThe Way of KingsDramacon, Volume 1Dramacon, Volume 2The Van Alen LegacyRevelationsMasquerade

Several of these books fell into “latest in the series” realm, but I enjoyed them a lot! Let’s start with them!

Spy Glass  by Maria V Snyder – This is the last of the Glass series. I love the world that Snyder created all those ages ago with Poison Study. I really hope that there’s more to come. This book featured more of the travel, espionage, and threw in some interesting prison break action.

Outside In by Maria V Snyder – She’s left fantasy for sci-fi and I’ve really enjoyed the foray. Inside Out was just great, but now we get a glimpse into post-revolution issues. There is still the mystery of the true workings of Inside, but we learn more about it in frightening ways.

Smoking Seventeen by Janet Evanovich – I know. I’m a sucker. I love Plum. They are just so funny! I cannot stop laughing at the fact that the latest hijink involved a bear in the mobile bonds office. Really, what else do you need to know?

Dead Reckoning by Charlain Harris – More issues with the takeover of Sookie’s area combined with some more delving into her fairy roots. It was all good, but the icing on the cake? Bubba’s musical take down. That is really all you need to know before picking up this book!

I wrapped up reading the next three Blue Bloods books. It started to get really involved with the deep conspiracy. I don’t have any more of the Blue Blood books, but that’s OK.

Manga Mania took a new turn for me as I read two of the three Dramacon books. Dramacon included all the hilarity of conventions with an engaging storyline.  Truly a trilogy made for con-goers and Manga lovers everywhere!

I finally picked up the last of the weird trilogy about a girl that ‘falls into” other people’s dreams. Gone concludes things well.  The books are strangely written so I wouldn’t recommend them to many.

A friend loaned me the super chunkster, The Way of Kings. Wow, that was all kinds of amazing. However it stinks because the next book isn’t due out for something close to a year. AUGH!

I read Ursula K Le Guin’s book, Gifts, which was peculiar. It was written in true Le Guin style which might be part of why it seemed so peculiar.

I’m in the middle of the fourth book of the latest series I found. The first three books of the Pepper Martin series kept me in stitches as I tore through the books! Set in Cleveland, the books center around a woman working in a graveyard that suddenly discovers she can see dead people. That comes in rather handy. The first book features a mobster wanting his murder solved which leads to a complete spoof of Gone With the Wind dovetailing into a rock and roll star. These books are really a treat!

The final book in my recent reading actually was an audiobook. I tore through it last week while driving something close to 800 miles in one week. Yuck! The Romanov Prophecy played off the conspiracy of the overthrowing of the Russian Czars. It was Ok, but I wasn’t super thrilled with it either.

So there you have my most recent reads for 2011. Now, I think I need to get back to Pepper Martin!

–Lady O