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I have Klout, or so says the internet geniuses.

What does this mean? Not a whole lot. Except every once in a blue moon I get some free swag to try. And talk about if I like. Spread some buzz.

And to think, I was mocked for trying to score some free books, products, and whatever to review when I ran that parenting site. I was on to something!

So what did my blogirrificness and social media butterfly status garner this time? A year’s supply of deodorant. Yeah, it’s all glamour here. Feel free to be jealous. I know it’s just what you wanted.

I have a secret, sort of. A lot of people know about it, I’m really not so good with secrets. I have this crazy vascular condition. It kind of sucks actually. My body doesn’t regulate temperature very well at all. Once I’m cold or hot, I stay that way. For ages. When I’m hot, I don’t sweat unless it’s beastly hot. Last week walking up that hill at Arlington National Cemetery a normal person would soak through their clothes but I barely felt clammy. And sick.

So mostly I get these insane hot flashes, want to die, and then pass out. In stores. In November. Fun, right? Not so much.

Just because I don’t pour sweat (ewww!) doesn’t mean I don’t stink. Trust me, I think I stink. I’m a huge fan of deodorant. I could never go au naturale. Kudos to those brave enough to try. I’ve done the whole “I forgot to take some to the pool” and felt oookey until I got home.

Secret wants to help me with my secret. They want me to try their “Clinical Strength” deodorant. This stuff claims to be waterproof. In fact it specifically says on the box that this stuff laughs in the face of heat, humidity, and water. (I lie, it really says “outlasts” but I think they should change the wording to “laughs in the face of”, doesn’t that sound better? Really, they should hire me.)

In case you were wondering, a year’s supply is four boxes. Go start your stockpile now! Maybe I’m the only weird person that was curious what “a year’s supply” was when I found out they would send me that.

imageThe contents of my Klout Perks box! Thanks Klout Perks!

This is the “all-day fresh” scent. I’m a “baby powder” scent girl because I like soft and more natural. Heavy scents make me sick. Like migraines and sneezing and upset stomach. Curious, I popped open a box. While there might be just the slightest hint of baby powder, this actually makes me think “Spring Shower”. I can totally get behind that. I happen to LOVE the way the world looks and smells after a nice spring shower. So clean and vibrant.

Hey, maybe this stuff will make me all vibrant and gorgeous.  Oh wait, this isn’t magic deodorant!

I received the “advanced solid” style deodorant. I’ll admit here that I’m less than fond of solids. I’m into that roller ball kind of deodorant. Yet, this was free, and I’m willing to give it a whirl. I’m ready to become a believer! Especially if it can survive icky Virginia summers!

Now that I’ve blogged, I’m off to hop in the shower. (Hey, the internet likes talk of naked stuff! Bring on the hits!) I’ll slap this stuff on and I’ll then put it to the test on this steamy Virginia day. (Why is it already 97????) If by tonight, people can stand to be around me at the outdoors (EEEK!) church pioneer activity and I don’t want to shudder myself to death from ookiness, then I will deem this deodorant a success!

Deodorant vs VA Heat and Humidity. It’s the grudge match of the century!

I want to thank Klout Perks and Secret for letting me try this stuff out and talk about it. It’s like you guys knew my deodorant was running low or something. Are you spying on me?

I’d also like to give mega props to Diana Nyad. This 61 year old is spending this summer attempting a record breaking 103-mile swim from Cuba to Florida. Without the help of a shark cage. Wow. Secret’s picked her up and is supporting her efforts. I’m not 61 and I couldn’t do anything like that. Kudos. She has my support! Learn more on Facebook!

–Lady O