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Saturday, my husband returns home from getting a haircut and announces, “Bigfoot is in town.”

This led me to look at my giant sized feet and give him dirty looks. I mean, I know I say all the time that I’m Bigfoot and I need to shop in the Sasquatch section but come on.

“Did you hear me? Bigfoot!”

So I respond, “Like, a Sasquatch?”

At which point I get schooled in the name of a monster truck that rolled into town for the grand opening of some tire store. How was I supposed to know? I mean I liked the idea of monster trucks, mostly because I liked the idea of those giant sized tires and rolling right over the odious traffic that the greater DC area ALWAYS has.

“And there’s going to be a car crunch later today!”

I’m a city girl. I just give him that look that most would probably call dumb but I like to think of as “pretty and clueless”.  Then I find out that he means said monster truck will ride over some cars.

Destructive, but I’ve been feeling a little testy so destructive is right up my alley. Loud noise and obliterating things? Sure beat my big plans of getting fat while loafing in my recliner.

Joram Meets Bigfoot!

Joram really liked checking out the truck. Ok, so did I. That thing is huge! Those tires are taller than me! Cool!

Vroom Vroom!

Check out how Bigfoot went airborn! I bet that’s quite the rush for the driver! Does it ever get old? I hope not!

This looks scary and awesome all at the same time!

Lots of oohs and aahs every single time Bigfoot went up like this. It’s quite the impressive sight to see him standing up!


Nothing topped seeing Bigfoot go airborne and land on the cars!

I’m telling you, this could seriously tempt a person when stuck in traffic due to a motorcade, rain, snow, random day ending in ‘y’, you know… basic DC traffic stuff. Punch that gas and drive over the cars in my way!

Braving the heat, risking passing out or a migraine, and dealing with ringing ears? Totally worth it. I kind of wish this was on my Bucket List so I could cross it off. This was so Bucket List worthy!

Now, how votes I put big honkin’ tires on my Dodge Journey?

–Lady O