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What IS Mailbox Monday? In My Mailbox is a blog meme to showcase what books came into your house. You don’t have to have a mailbox to participate. Any books count! IMM inspiration props to  Alea of Pop Culture Junkie and hosted by The Story Siren.

Last week, Fredericksburg, Virginia experienced the Epic Natural Disaster Smack-down. Earthquakes, freak storms with tropical storm force winds, and a hurricane. So you know, your average week. What did I do? I went to visit a friend elsewhere.

Actually, we planned the visit earlier in the month and I was excited. It just ended up a little longer than planned due to the freak storm. We made a grand total of 77 pillowcases for Caramon’s Eagle Project, we talked, we visited, and we talked homeschool.

All in all, it was a wonderful time. I really should visit with her more. I’m just lazy and don’t always want to drive to her. It’s not far, just far enough that I can’t just call her up and say, “Let’s hit up the Starbucks for a hot chocolate.”

Thursday night, my boys and her son rejoiced in the impromptu sleepover. She and I are talking and relaxing after the long day of sewing like crazy people and the boys came up to us. It would seem Caramon found a book and wanted to know if he could read it. Um, YES!  Then her son came and asked if he could read “The Hobbit”. Who would say no to “The Hobbit”?

It sort of grew from there. It was cute. We grinned. Proud parent moment – kids choosing fun books to read!

She graciously offered to loan us the book Caramon wanted to read as well as two others. How lucky, since I wanted to read them as well!  So here goes,

In My Mailbox – Rick Riordan Edition

We left her the dust jackets, so the picture wouldn’t be near as fun or recognizable. Here’s the three books as pulled from the interwebs:

The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles, #1)The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles, #2) The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, #1)

Three wonderful Rick Riordan books. I plan to read them, hopefully this week. Mostly because we’re supposed to see her in about a week. I’d like to return them then.

Last year I read the five “Percy” books and loved them. I love mythology, especially Greek and Egyptian. So Percy was right up my alley. I think the new Kane series might bring me joy, as well. Of course, The Lost Hero is more in the Percy universe, so yay on that.

Did you get any books this week? Let me know!

–Lady O