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Aaaaaaaannnnnnnd…. Borders remains open in Fredericksburg, VA.

This is seriously worse than the Pee Wee Herman death scene in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The fact that it is killing my budget isn’t helping either.

I would like to point out, you are only seeing MY books. There’s also the gifts I’ve purchased and the fat stack of business books that Sir Megabyte adds to each week in the bedroom. Before too long we’re going to need to sacrifice the bedroom to the book monster.

Though his tower of 20-odd books is nothing on my multiple towers. I’m at 280 books and climbing.

So much for getting to the under-200 mark this year. There’s always next year, right?

So, Lady Ozma, what did you get this week?

6 books

Another Borders Haul

The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis did come in my mailbox via Paperback Swap. It’s been years and this is going to be a read for my boys schooling this year. I figured I would re-read it along with them. If you haven’t read this, repent and get cracking. It’s a classic. At least according to Lady Ozma.

Hopefully you repented, if needs be, so welcome to the rest of my post.

Forever in Blue” is the fourth Traveling Pants book. I read about half of the book a couple of years ago, I just didn’t own it. Thus, I never got to finish it. It vanished off the shelves and so when I could relocate it AND get it for only a couple of dollars? I scooped it up. I look forward to finishing it.  I enjoy the series. As always, books are better than movies.

A Zombie Ate My Cupcake!” has some great looking Halloween (best holiday of the year) cupcakes. Yes, there are directions. Will I try any? Quite possibly. I debated giving this to my good friend, Amy, as a gift since she enjoys making cupcakes. However, I’m in love with Zombies because of my “Juan of the Dead” series. So, sorry Amy. I don’t know that you are prying this out of my cold, dead, zombie hands. At least, not without risking your brains.

Stork” sounded interesting. It’s a YA novel with some magic something or other. Honestly, at a couple of dollars and a remotely interesting sounding premise, I proclaimed SOLD! It looks really interesting. I suppose you discover what is going on as the main character does, which is always fun.

Hidden Empire” by Orson Scott Card cheered me up. We’re going into an election year and I live in the greater DC area. Let me explain my version of politics to you – You vote for the schmuck and I have to live with them. And their idiotic antics. Which fill my news channel. Can I get real news? No. I have to hear about senators sleeping in their offices (because nearly 200k a year is just NOT enough to live on), the DC Madame, and get stuck in their motorcade traffic. I don’t care which side of the bread you put your butter, the politicians are all the same.

So I need snark. Enter Card’s awesome and dark look at the future of the next civil war. Need I remind you that in the LAST civil war my town, Fredericksburg, got burned repeatedly? I have a local church with a cannonball in the side of the wall because the damage is so great the ball cannot safely be removed.  Red vs Blue – who will win? As the amazon review of the first book says, “Need we remind you who has the guns?” Yeah. This is the sequel. I’m excited.

“Flip This Zombie” is life, love, and the zombie apocalypse. Where do you go wrong? Here’s where you go wrong, this is book two. Where is book one? Hopefully easily acquired in e-book because I could not find it. The serious just sounds funny.  The first book premise starts off something to the tune of “The struggling couple is on their way to marriage counseling when…”

Marriage counseling plus zombies? Man, I might be troll-a-riffic, but remind me that maybe I don’t want to go into counseling. It could spark the zombie apocalypse.

–Lady O