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Just another Monday evening around the Kingdom of Sir Megabyte, and we’re enjoying chocolate milkshakes.

Why? Because it was National Chocolate Milkshake Day, of course!

Talk about a holiday that Lady Ozma can get behind. That’s awesome. Bonus points that it fell on our very own Milkshake Monday. You can’t get much better than that.

After all, you needed something great like chocolate milkshakes to survive the ten-year anniversary of 9-11 spew from the day before.

Or the fact that someone scheduled a Tea Party Debate.

Seriously? A Tea Party debate? You have GOT to be kidding me.

So what did I do? I jumped into the fray and hosted my very own Tea Party Debate on the interwebs. This is why the power of the internet is mighty. Through my twitter feed  and facebook wall, people around cyberspace took part in a lively discussion.

Probably a far more interesting, monumentally more sane, and heaps less angry sort of debate than whatever happened on the television.

We covered the real crux of the world problems – Earl Grey vs Chamomile. Other types of tea briefly saw mention, but it came down to these two choices. I’m a die-hard Mint Tea supporter, however fringe that may be, I recognize the power of the Earl Grey and Chamomile contingents.

I believe that Brycen said it best with her statement, “…all my favorite Starfleet officers drink Earl Grey”.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot

Any debate where Captain Picard gets some lovin’ is a good debate if you ask me. Would it be wrong for me to nominate him for President in 2012? I’m thinking… no! Join me in voting for Captain Picard!

The debate grew heated when discussing tasty treats for tea parties. Scones? Biscuits? Cucumber Sandwiches? Where do you lie on this all important topic?  Interestingly, the decision of the evening came down to spreads.

Several landed on the side of lemon curd, however I stood with the blackberry and strawberry preserve fans. Don’t get me wrong, lemon curd makes for a lovely spread, however I’m all about the preserves. Preserves make my world go round.

Jill queried the debaters about white chocolate usage in petite fours. What is that about, anyway? In my day, petite fours were just mini bite sized cakes. I suppose some came with white chocolate accents, however, that was not mandatory. Somewhere along the way, petite fours became corrupted, with many insisting on white chocolate usage, completely disregarding possible allergic reactions!

So wrong! Power to the people! We must offer petite fours edible by all!

I suppose that means even a diabetic friendly version, though I just do not know how you can make a sugar free petite fours worth anything. All I know is I’m steering clear. I happen to enjoy breathing.

As all debates eventually turn an eye to the economy, the tea party debate eventually broached the touchy topic.

I stand for trifles with custard. They are what this nation needs to bring us out of the recession (I know for a fact they help when one is in a depression.)

Heidi, I do believe you earned my vote with that statement. I cannot think of any better way to pull us out of a recession bordering on depression than lovely trifles with custard. Really, you had me at trifles. I’m betting good money that my friend’s brownie trifle would bring things around lickety-split.

I’ll admit, I heard “Tea Party Debate” and I worried that things would quickly turn to crazy talk, angry ranting, or possibly a recreation of the Boston Tea Party. While interesting, all hold a tad bit more negativity than I felt capable of dealing with yesterday.

Instead, it ended up as a really fun and enjoyable evening.

Perhaps we’ll have a chance for another Tea Party Debate – Lady Ozma style. All are welcome, however next time I do believe we need samples. I always like proof given in debate arguments.

I’ve got the china, so bring it on!

–Lady O