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Every year Chili’s spends September raising money for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. They offer chili peppers for children to colour which makes for a fun dining experience. Children get very creative with their peppers!

In addition, the last Monday of the month is a special day where they donate all their proceeds to St Jude’s. The servers at my local Chili’s get into this, working hard to see who can raise the most money.

Every year we go.  Every year we enjoy the tasty food at Chili’s. Every year we happily add-on some extra money to go to St Jude’s.  Some years we have more than other year’s, but we always try to go for something.

This year we went for dinner. Works for me since my ankle is all out of commission. We got our money’s worth, too.

I just want to say now, I love the “Two for Twenty” deal. The boys did this and Sir Megabyte and I joined in. The boys chose the same meal, a chicken quesadilla salad. I snagged a bite. Wow. Yum. There’s some sort of sauce and it’s REALLY GOOD.

Sir Megabyte chose a burger and fries and I got honey chipotle chicken crispers. My meal was really good. I’m glad because Chili’s got rid of my buffalo chicken slider deal that I loved with all my tummy.

chili's yummy dinner

Doesn't that look yummy? Oh yeah!

The deal also comes with an appetizer, which meant we got two. I gorged out on jalapeno peppers. Mmm. Funny moment of the night, however, went to Caramon. He decided to try to down three at one time and it made him a little hot under the collar!

I also used my Foursquare and scored some free tortilla chips and salsa. Hey, I have starving teen boys. I gotta feed them somehow!  Places that give me free stuff actually motivates me to check in on Foursquare. I’m such a slacker geek gurl.

We are so grateful for the people who raise money for St Jude’s. September is Children’s Cancer Month and so this is a great time for Chili’s to do this. While cancer is the number one disease related cause of death in children, it gets very little funding. St Jude’s will never turn a child away for lack of money, so keeping their doors open is pretty important. Cancer treatment is expensive and we need to keep researching.

Going into our tenth year since Caramon’s diagnosis of a Wilms’ Tumor, I’m glad we were lucky enough to see his cancer cured. Many are not so lucky and my heart goes out to all those angels and their families.

It’s not too late to go colour a pepper or donate at Chili’s, but think about it for next year. Maybe you’ll see us there enjoying some good food. If so, wave and say hi.

Thanks to my local Chili’s for an enjoyable evening and really great food. We enjoyed ourselves.

–Lady O

**Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this blog post. Only the ability to feel good for donating to the cause and the good time Chili’s always offers our family.