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Kitty and the Silver Bullet (Kitty Norville, #4)

Kitty and the Silver Bullet

(Kitty Norville #4)

Written by: Carrie Vaughn
Pages: 352
Werewolf Kitty Norville has found success as a popular late night radio DJ and perhaps even more important, she’s hooked up with a compassionate boyfriend. However, just as she’s relishing the calm in her life, a call about a family medical emergency drags her back to Denver and into the throes of a violent supernatural upheaval. With feuding vampires and abusive werewolves clawing at her door, she can only long for the tranquility of her lover’s arms and her midnight show.


Things heat up for werewolf DJ Kitty.  I knew she’d end up back in Denver at some point, and so felt like we knew the showdown was coming.

Doesn’t mean I was unhappy to see it happen.

The book starts out with Kitty and her new werewolf mate settled into a little life of their own. Then came the phone call I think everyone dreads. Mom’s got cancer. Bleh. I hate cancer.  It does make for a good way to move the plot. Kitty tears back to Denver as fast as she can.

Of course, things can’t go as simply as rolling into town and taking care of her mom. A famous vampire actress wants to come out of the coffin on Kitty’s show, a local vampire  wants Kitty’s help in a coup, her police buddy wants help with a possible rogue killer vampire, and then the werewolves catch her scent.

One thing I like about Kitty is she’s so-not-the-alpha. She is a great heroine, flawed, and refreshingly ready to just sit back and let other people take the reins. She just wants to host her show and live her life. Unfortunately the Denver Alpha feels threatened by her.

And so she stages her own coup, in conjunction with the vampires. And I think the story line fulfilled all promises.

Each book gets better. I look forward to reading more. If they can keep up the good mix of action, humor, and engaging story then I will be a very happy reader.

–Lady O