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air brace

Wrong type of fall, Lady Ozma!!!

Lady Ozma, September 20/21st is the first day of Fall, not “Take a Fall Day”!!!!

I know, somehow I saw the date, thought fall, and well, I did.

Early Morning Seminary is, well, early. I rolled out of bed at 5:30 AM. Amazingly, today I felt well rested. I’m guessing all that sleep Sunday night finally paid off. Fifteen minutes later we leave the house and that’s really all I know for sure.

The next thing I knew I was going down.  I think my foot hit the side of the sidewalk and so I didn’t have firm footing.  My ankle just rolled badly and I swear I heard a crack. Said crack could really be anything, like my left knee hitting the sidewalk, my phone also hitting the sidewalk, or the keys doing… whatever keys do in a fall.

Oh I screamed. In agony. How I didn’t wake up the neighbours, I’ll never know. Caramon raced for aid and I debated passing out in the dew covered grass. Mostly I thought, “Can I get a do-over on this morning?”

I manage to hobble my way inside with the help of Sir Megabyte and Caramon and I collapse on my recliner sofa seat. No ice, but a bag of frozen corn adorns my aching ankle.

I actually started to feel all right fairly quickly.  With my leg elevated, I felt mostly fine. Just shifting or attempting to stand caused me any sort of problem.

Messaging friends, I managed to procure a Priesthood Blessing which made me feel better, but I’m telling you – I simply don’t have the time or inclination to deal with broken bones at this time. Too busy, especially with that Day of Service coming up.

I enjoy some playing on Facebook (translation: being lectured to go to the doctor by all my friends) and math (yes I’m THAT geek gurl) and other things to attempt to pass the time and forget about my foot. I field some calls about the day of service.  Then I had to go to the bathroom.

My brilliant plan: The kids will fetch a rolly chair from the office and I can roll to the bathroom, thus saving my knee/ankle some pain.


Translation: Rarely have I felt pain like that in my life

Outcome: I cry for about fifteen minutes.

I throw in the towel and call a friend. I knew I should probably go and get a final verdict on the ankle, but mostly procure some pain relievers and some sort of wrap situation for the ankle. I just really feared the idea of a cast.

She came with her entire family in tow. (I love you guys, too! You’re the awesome! MWAAAAH) We could hit a Doc In The Box, but thought it best to just hit up the ER for the full range of services.

New Hospital here we come! (OK, I’ll admit, I was kind of excited at that point. I wanted to check the place out!)

Quick as anything I’m admitted and in a little room. SCHWEET! They are snappy at Spotsylvania County Medical Center!  A rather dapper young doctor comes in to assess things.

The Worry: My ankle is hurting over a bone – bad sign. So is my wrist.

The Good: My left knee is scraped up with some pulled/aggravated ligaments which is just made worse since it’s my “worse” knee, however that’s it. Good news.

Off I go to X-Ray and then back to my little room. Where I get handed two Vicadin. (Can you tell by this post? I’m guessing probably so!)

After what seems forever the Doc comes back. NO BREAK! HUZZAH!

Which is good. I told him that i simply was not going to tolerate a break at which point he laughed.

Just a nasty sprain, though I’ve had worse. So I suppose this isn’t the “Sorry but you should have broken it” type sprains, but it’s not an easy one either.

Next thing I know I get this handy-dandy air splint slapped on my ankle, which actually helps out SO MUCH.

With script in hand, I’m discharged and sent on my merry way with a sprained ankle and a sprained wrist.

It’s always something exciting when you hang in the Kingdom of Sir Megabyte!

–Lady O

PS Side Note – my doctor was super awesome. He was thorough and had a wonderful bed side manner. And as it turns out, he’s a Wilms’ Tumor survivor just like Caramon! So we talked “cancer kid shop” for a few minutes. I know, only weirdo cancer kid type people would think that’s cool, but it’s really cool!