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A while back some twitter friends raved about something called “RubySnap”. What is RubySnap, I wondered, so I asked.

Turns out, RubySnap is a cookie joint in Utah. Ok, I can get behind this. I happen to LOVE cookies. I happen to love BAKING cookies. I even love to READ about baking cookies.

Cookies are like heaven in your hand.

I know the new big thing is cupcake stores, but I just like cookies. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a cupcake I haven’t baked. (Those ones from the grocery store are really just not worth anything but taking to school to torture unsuspecting children with since you can’t bake anymore. Except Hostess. All hail the Hostess.  Because sometimes Hostess is just what the doctor ordered!)

Needless to say, I was intrigued.

Maybe because I read the Hannah Swensen novels because they are my crack.

Unfortunately, a cookie store in Utah does not really make for an easy way to satisfy a craving or curiosity when you live in Virginia. In case you don’t know your US Geography, Utah and Virginia are 2,000 miles, 2 mountain ranges, and 2 time zones away from one another.

Didn’t stop me from clicking “Fan” on their Facebook page.

RubySnap likes 50’s pin ups which are just fun. Ruby Snap also likes kissing. I’m not much of a kissy-face, but I do like taking pictures of people doing kissy-face type things.  (I REALLY like taking couple photos. Glutton for punishment? Yes. But they’re just so CUTE!!!!)

What did I do? I entered a kissing contest. Not like I have a lack of kissy-face photos or anything.

Imagine this – I won! No way! I rarely win anything. When I do, it’s usually something I can’t use like that giant gift basket of gourmet coffees. (I gave it to some lady at my table. She was VERY pleased.)

What did I win? A DOZEN cookies! That sound like super yummy cookies that are right up my alley and I wouldn’t have to bake them!


I sent off my information and then anxiously waited.

RubySnap shipment

UPS brought me a little sugary surprise!

Look at that cute logo on the UPS box! I bet the UPS driver was madly in hate with me. Who wouldn’t be when they have to deliver something like this?

RubySnap Dozen Cookies Box

RubySnap's cheerful box of a dozen cookies!

I’m not a fan of red, but I do like red and white together. It just brings joy. As does polka dots. As you can see, this box is shrink-wrapped, but that’s it.

Eagerly I pulled apart the lovely black ribbon to see what awaited me inside.

A whole dozen of RubySnap's cookies!

A whole dozen of RubySnap's Cookies!

Best of all, it was a variety pack! All sorts of different cookies with cute names like “Virginia” and “Suzie”. I like cute names. They fit with the RubySnap theme.

Starving teen boys descended like they’d never eaten before in their lives. Nice mom that I am, I looked at my dozen cookies and decided I could share.

I even shared the coffee one with my neighbour, who really liked it. (You’re welcome… I think!)

After baking, packaging, and shipping, I didn’t know what to expect. Melt in your mouth fresh cookies was not exactly it. Not a hint of stale. They weren’t oven hot, but they tasted same day fresh. Impressive!

So what was my fave? Duh! Maris took my heart! Here’s her description: So good, it’s scary! A chocolate, chocolate chip dough with a gooey caramel center. MWAHAHA!

Yeah how do you not like that?

Thanks for the free gift of cookies, RubySnap. Given the depressing ankle sprain and subsequent cabin fever from not being able to get around, cookies brought a little happiness to my day.

It’s all in the timing.

And I think that I’ll have to bake some fancy cookies next time I hear a friend is in a similar situation of going stir-crazy.

It’s all about paying it forward, too.

–Lady O

*Disclaimer – yes I got these cookies free but it was just for a contest. The blog entry is all on me. However, if RubySnap wants to send me more cookies, I won’t say no!*