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It was only 15 years ago, with a large round belly, I waited for the birth of my first child.

When pregnant, you have so many hopes and goals for your child. You wonder if they will resemble you in any way.

My parents, not sure what to do for an upcoming 15-year-old boy, decided to go the route that was sure to win them major points. Cold. Hard. Cash.

Who doesn’t like cash when they are 15?

OK, so cold hard cash came in the guise of a black card saying “AMAZON”. Like it matters. You can get just about anything on Amazon.

He waffled, the classic conundrum. “What do I buy?”

Finally he decided, handed over his card, and asked me to make a purchase. Why me? I have the account with free second day delivery and he’s an impatient teenager type.

Even if it’s still a week before his birthday.

Most of his order came in today. The only thing left is a pair of jeans. While he loves jeans and is anxious for a new pair, they take backseat to the mighty swag arriving today:

Caramon's newest blades

What happened to my sweet little baby that he'd want all this violent stuff?

I gotta say, the finger claw has me.  That thing is fairly awesome.

But, what happened to my sweet baby? How did I go from a precious bundle of joy to a maniac with swords, ninja stars, throwing knives, and a finger claw?

my steel

Hmmm.... gee.... I don't know.

I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.

It’s not like I made a blog post demanding double-edged items for my steel anniversary or anything.

Look, I don’t know what you “normal” people are supposed to get for “steel”, but the answer is fairly obvious for the geek contingent. (I’m still waiting for my Cinderblock of Love.)

Oh yeah. Is it bad I’m as excited for Portal 2 as he is? Sadly, I hear the birthday cake is a lie.

–Lady O