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Kitty Raises Hell (Kitty Norville, #6)

Kitty Raises Hell

(Kitty Norville #6)

Written by: Carrie Vaughn
Pages: 311
Kitty Norville and Ben thought that they had left their problems in Vegas. What they should have realized is that vampire priestesses and lycanthropes don’t forgive and forget: They unleashed flaming balls of revenge. To protect her pack of werewolves, Kitty seeks the help of TV paranormal investigators, but ultimately her survival and those of the creatures she’s sworn to protect rests in the outstretched hands of her and her allies.

After the near-sacrifice to an ancient Babylonian Goddess almost derailing her marriage, you knew things might get a wee bit hot for Kitty. However, I know that flaming balls of death and spontaneous lycanthrope combustion was not what I expected.

Lesson learned – don’t get a priestess hot under the collar or she’ll sic mean things on you.  Mean flamey things.

What I liked about this book:

  • More awesome Babylonian references. Come on, no one uses ancient Babylon enough. We’re talking ziggurat builders here!
  • Spontaneous lycanthrope combustion. That’s even better than spontaneous human combustion! I mean, not for the lycan in question, but you know… for the plot!
  • Using a cheap dime star Ouija board instead of some 115 year old gypsy whatever. I’m down with cheapskate-ism. Low budget is funny.
  • A house. That kills people. It’s a Monster House!
  • TV paranormal investigators. Come on. You’ve seen the previews on TV for this stuff. Oh. So. BAD. What’s not to love?
I still like all the characters. They still seem believable. Kitty is hanging on by her claws, she’s not sitting pretty. While there’s dissension in the pack, it’s relatable and solved in a way that makes sense.
I can see that as Kitty continues down her path of personal growth, she’s also morphing into a true force to be reckoned with. Not noticeably so, until her vampire friend points it out, but once more it’s believable.  Her “pack” grows in each book, and each new connection she makes adds a new dynamic to the rich world that Vaughn created and increases Kitty’s reach.
Luckily, the next book is ready for me to dive into. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Other than I’m debating going to Capclave just because Carrie Vaughn is there.

–Lady O