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No sooner had I posted my Zombie Apocalypse Plan on this blog, the Mean Mommies Club of Fredericksburg planned a Zombie Walk.  Coincidence?

I think not. After all, I am the center of all things FXBG. Right?

That’s what I thought. Not really.

So, what did I do? Aside from goofy tweeting all day as though the Zombie Apocalypse really had begun?

First, I prepped. I know you remember my styling Hello Kitty evening gown in my Zombie Apocalypse Plan.  I set about making one. I found the most horrific Barbie Puke fabric. No kidding. It was just begging to get the zombie treatment. It was blue and pink shear with tiny multicoloured star spangles all over it.

What else would you do with such a vile piece of 1980’s bubble gum fabric? Zombie Apocalypse Barbie time. That’s what.

Ready to fight zombies

Lady Ozma looks ready to fight zombies!

I had grandiose plans to punk some guns with Hello Kitty duct tape. Sadly, it went missing in the five months since I saw it. Lesson learned: When you see something that awesome, but it immediately no matter what the bank says.

Saturday came fast, and I made sure to prep myself for the zombie hoards. Unfortunately, I took this guy up on his offer:

Free Hugs Zombie

How do I pass up free hugs? I'm a huge 'ho!

He seemed innocent enough, until he started gnawing on me. H1-Z1 moves fast and soon, I transformed into a lurching zombie!

I only hope that this newspaper photographer stayed safe or we might need to rename our town paper:

Zombie Walk 2011

Is that Tallahassee in the truck?

And who’s that protester? Well, step off Occupy-losers, there’s a new group in town:

Walking Dead Percent

The Walking Dead Percent - They just want BRAAAIIIIINNNNS!

No event is complete these days until the Steampunk crowd makes a showing. Beware the Steampunk Zombies!

Steampunk Zombies

These Zombies do it Steamy Style.

This kid is just looking for a few good brains:

Will Work For Brains!

He comes cheap. "Will work for brains!"

Some zombies crawl, so in the Zombie Apocalypse you really need to watch out all angles:

Zombie Crawler

Crawling for brains.

Oh yeah, someone went there:

Zombie Jesus!

Zombie Jesus reminds you to have a good sense of humor!

It was inevitable, he did raise himself from the dead much like zombies. If this offends you, remember life is too short to be that serious.

Normally I wouldn’t post this waste of a photo, but it’s too good not to give this girl a shout-out. What you can’t see because of the cruel sun is that Alice in Wonderland had a Queen of Hearts playing card sticking out of her head. That’s STYLE!

Zombie Alice

Trust me, she looked good!

The Zombie Couple that lurches together stays together:

Zombie Couple

I like that he has a "Brains To Go" bag. In it's original packaging, no less!

More zombies returning from their second round of lurching through Fredericksburg!

Zombie Return

Zombie Stomp! Zombie Stomp!

I had a blast lurching through town and acting like a zombie. For the most part, the city patrons took our fun with the good sense of humor that we deserved. To those of you posting pictures of the crazy Zombie Apocalypse Barbie to your Facebook, I hope you liked the crazy view. It’s definitely not what you expect to see on a random Saturday.

Meanwhile, I’m a little hungry. I could really go for some braaaaaiiiiiinnnnsssss!

–Lady O