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I love to travel. There’s a part of me that caught the gypsy spirit during my stint as a Marine wife. Since leaving the USMC, we’ve lived in three different cities across two states.

I’ve moved to different states as well as driven across the continent. I love to board airplanes to see new places.

I just like to ‘Go’ as my kids said when they were younger.

Maybe it is the excitement of someplace new or the love I have of the world. Maybe it is the desire to see things and learn more.

Whatever it is, I just need to say that I love to travel.

Which is probably why I included so many travel themed things in my so-called ‘bucket list‘.

Maybe that is partly why I studied journalism. The chance to travel and report back on what I experienced. Perhaps that is why I enjoy photography so much, once more I am able to capture the amazing things I see and share that with the world.

These days I am mostly an arm-chair traveler, reading blogs and National Geographic and dreaming. Where would I go? What would I do? Why would I go?

I’ll admit there are things that I want to see just for because:

My mother grew in Greece and growing up I heard so many stories about the Greek Isles and she raised me reading the mythology.  I would love to see that for myself.

The Holy Land is the very place where Christ walked. Where the Bible happened. Yes, I am a woman of faith and there is a part of me that enjoys visiting places of faith. I’m incredibly moved by seeing others act on their faith. Check out the most amazing photo essay on Eid-al-Adha preparations. It brought a tear to my eye.

Some years I get to travel outside my area for fun or work. It doesn’t matter to me which, I just try to enjoy seeing new things.  Some years, I stay closer to home, yet I still find interesting places I never knew existed. Anything from a new museum to a new restaurant to some new-to-me natural beauty, life is always an adventure.

2011 was a low-travel year for me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy myself.  Goodness knows, VA held enough interesting adventures this year. Do I even need to remind you of purchasing my Journey, the service day in March, or the Epic Natural Disaster Smackdown? No!

Why? Because that’s life. Life is an adventure. You don’t have to travel far to travel at all.

All the same, I do love to travel!

–Lady O