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The first time I heard this question, I was in school. I honestly had no answer outside of, “Um, uh… because?”

Talk about unimpressive to the teacher.

The next time, I sat across from my academic advisor my first semester of university. She tried to explain to me that typically 18-year-old incoming freshmen did not arrive with a major to declare. I informed I not only had a major but I had my entire course line up planned through graduation. She asked me why I wanted to write so much and I told her that it just felt wrong to think about doing anything else.

My plan, work as a journalist so I could make money writing. If I met Superman along the way, bonus. Not-so-secretly, I wanted to actually write novels.

Of course, then my life took a a complete left turn. I’ve worked as a journalist and maybe I will again. I’d love to do so. The left turn definitely led me on an interesting adventure of life experiences.

Life experiences I’ve written about along the way. I’ve freelanced for websites, blogs, and magazines. I’ve managed my own websites, web magazines, and blogs. I even participated in LiveJournal Idol and did fairly well. I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo and won every year since 2006. I even have an upcoming something I’m still not truly at liberty to discuss.

This year I saw the majority of finalizing work on two different books that I hope to publish. One, I’m looking at self publishing via Amazon later this year. The other I hope to finalize by the end of 2012 so I can send out to beta readers before submitting in the hopes of publishing.

I remember when I first started my first website, before the word “blog” came about. Once I adopted the word “blog”, people would ask me why on earth anyone would ever do that. Now, no one asks me that. I’m just one of many bloggers out there, but I love it.

Still, what inspires me? What keeps me going? It still just seems like the thing I am supposed to do – I just really enjoy it. Life inspires me. My faith inspires me. Reading inspires me. Writing inspires me. Friends inspire me.

My blog readers, you inspire me.

Thank you.

–Lady O