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I sit around all day on pinterest looking at amazing house projects. Decorating. Remodeling. Colour schemes. Organization.

Admit it, you do it, too.

How many of these things that I pin actually get done? Well, I did actually make the prayer board. Of course, the prayer board just sits, leaning against a wall.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I want to fix my house. I want it to look lovely. I’ve done it before with base housing of all things. Anyone that can turn the old base housing into someplace you aren’t embarrassed to have friends come visit is definitely winning at life. (And I’m talking that old stuff that was all weird and crazy and you weren’t allowed to paint.)

I can’t come up with any ideas for paint. I’ve looked at window treatment ideas but after four years, these windows look just like they did on moving day, down to the broken and missing blinds. I certainly can’t seem to rearrange or get better furniture. That hole in the wall? It’s still there and two closets still need repairing and new organizational systems installed.

I feel uninspired, even though I look at great ideas on pinterest. I think my problem is I try to then take an idea and find that it’s either impossible given the dimensions in my house or due to budget. Or it’s something I don’t even have in my house but looks so great. Some involves new furniture.

Sometimes I think it’s too many moves. I’m tired. I’ve packed, moved, unpacked, decorated, and found joy. Only to rinse and repeat very quickly. We moved into this home four years ago this month, and at the time it was our twelfth  home in fourteen years.

It doesn’t help that our house has weird dimensions. Personally, I sometimes think it might best to gut the house and start from scratch. Anyone know where there’s a money tree lying around? I do think it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and there’s definitely some overwhelming things in this house. Namely it’s just the vast amount of things it takes to get through the day raising two teenage boys!

It’s not like I haven’t done anything though. I did paint the living room upstairs. I did rearrange it last year and I’m fairly happy with the layout. Of the entire house, I am happiest with what I’ve done there. Things hang on the pretty colour walls and the furniture semi makes sense. (Sorry, a china cabinet in there is probably never going to make sense, but there’s absolutely no where in the dining room for a china cabinet.)

I suppose it’s good that I think that room looks good since it’s where we entertain.

I also set up a deck so that we could enjoy time on it while eating. The kids and I really like sitting out there during the day. I dislike sitting out there in the evening because I’m a bug magnet and citronella makes me sneezy.  Theoretically, I like sitting out there at night!

We fixed two closets, the office closet and the master bedroom closet. They actually function well! That’s also a win. We even did some interesting construction in the office to make it work as a great school room for the kids and office for us adults. That office has probably seen the most love, along with the living room.

Maybe by next year, I’ll have accomplished a few more things. After the crazy busy-busy of 2012 though, I kind of doubt it. I’ve just been far too busy to do too much this year!

What are the things you procrastinate on in your home?

–Lady O