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The first subscription service I picked up was Nerd Block. Over the last year I’ve held mixed feelings towards this shipment. Sometimes items are real winners, other times I’m feeling fairly “meh”.

I really feel like these things are “guy”-centric which is a bummer.  They also sometimes feel like someone just walked into a comic book store and said, “Huh, what would look good on the set of The Big Bang Theory”.

This month was one of the toss-up months for me. However, the three items that I got out of the “Trick or Treat” box that I loved were so awesome, that I can live with it.

The Box:

Item 1: Jem and the Holograms Comic Book.  Um, need I REALLY say more? JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS! And this looks like good Jem, not that rubbish-looking movie you know I’m going to head to the theatre to see regardless of how rubbish-y looking it is. Jem! Jem is my name! Cost: $7.99 and you won’t get the special NerdBlock cover. HA!

Item 2: Gremlins tee.  OK, a tee with Gizmo on it was enough to make me squee.  But that’s not all.  NOT ALL!!!! Do you readers hear me? It freaking glows in the dark.  No kidding.  By day it’s cute and adorable Gizmo.  Once the light’s go out… It’s Spike! Dang. That’s just made of the awesome.

Item 3: Zombie hunter dog tags.  Ok, this is sort of mediocre but I love Zombies. Why? Because zombies rock. Plus my dead-beat boyfriend who’s only into me for my brains, Nick, is a zombie.  Don’t judge. Because I’m a nice mom and Caramon was eying them, I gave the dog tags up to him for his 19th birthday.  I should really get Mom-of-the-Year.  Though something tells me Nick is not pleased about the tags.

Item 4: Bob’s Burger Mad Libs.  This is the second time I’ve gotten Mad Libs.  Mad Libs are made of the win.  The last ones were Mission Impossible/Spy theme.  That’s hot.  Bob’s Burger? Yeah not so much.  I’m throwing this in the give-away pile. Cost: $3.99

Item 5: Moe’s Tavern Coaster.  I get that The Simpsons are still on TV. That’s cool.  Whatever.  This feels so 20 years ago. When I was in high school, I’d have loved this.  Gift pile it is.

Item 6: Titans Ripley and Alien combo.  Dirty geek secret: I have never made it all the way through an entire Aliens movie.  I’ve tried. Just not my scene.  Give-away! Cost: $15.99

The good news is that at least the give-aways weren’t terrible. I’m betting someone will want them.  The keepers were “over my dead body will you get these from me” caliber. Christmas is coming, so that’s good.

Hard to guess on the cost. The tee’s tend to be exclusive and so forth so I didn’t look for a price.  The prices I know for sure: $28.  That doesn’t include kick-butt tee, dog tags, or the coaster.

–Lady O