One of the reasons I love Pinterest so much is that it can act like my secondary brain. I used to remember everything. Today I’m lucky if I can remember to eat and what I wore yesterday.

I really like to live as whole a life as possible, cutting out the needless chemicals and waste.  It’s why I enjoy preparing my own foods and laundry soap.  I have far too many chemical sensitivities and there’s just something freaky about all the toxic stuff we utilize now. I guess we live in a healthier society, but do we really? I just don’t even know.

However, remembering all these natural remedies, tips, and tricks is hard.  Like really, really hard!

Hello, Pinterest. My friend. My brain. Why I can’t cyber punk chip this into my head yet, I don’t know. For now, I’ll save my pins.

One thing that I love is using vinegar.  It’s got a wealth of good uses:

Some of these Essential Oil mixes I’ve made.  Some I want to make. I need lots of little labels… LOL

I really like to use dry shampoo on days when I can’t get a wash. I have a whole hair thing that I try to do to help manage my crazy curly locks:

I’ve done this one.  It’s inexpensive and it makes great gifts for the holidays:

We make our own puppy shampoo for Nephi.  Bonus, it really does help with fleas!

What speciality boards save your memory on Pinterest?
What’s your favorite home recipe?
Share in the comments!

–Lady O