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I really love manicures.  They are a lot of fun and since my nails are rubbish, they help strengthen my nails. I’m not a lot of good at giving myself a manicure, but that’s OK.

I picked up the October “Mystery Bag” from Rainbow Honey. I like that I can choose this one each month or subscribe. They also give the things away for free if you order a lot of product from them.  I haven’t gone that far yet. The small Mystery Bag is great for me because it’s smaller sizes. I don’t really always need full size polish bottles. I don’t do my nails that much and I like having a variety.  Less waste!

Here’s the October Mystery Bag “The Bubbly”: 

Nail Polishes Received:

  • My Midnight Garden – Blue/Green with sparkle
  • Magic Brix – It’s a bit rusty/brick in nature.
  • La Isla Morada – a lovely purple with glitter.

The Bubbly Items:

  • Nourishing Lip Balm
  • Solid Perfume Balm

Fall Bouquet Bubble Bath – Travel Sized

First let’s talk about the bubble bath. What a perfect selection for something themed, “The Bubbly”. Travel size means I can take it on the go.  Perfect for when you are in a hotel and needing to relax after a long day at a conference. The scent is sweet, subtle, but nice. At 1 fl. Oz, it will pass through TSA!

Perfume Balm: This looks just like chapstick and smells a little soapy.  Not in a bad way, but in that fresh scrubbed way. The biggest complaint, mistaking this for chapstick. That would not be cool.

Lip Balm: Thankfully this is oval-shaped, so you can tell the difference when you grab it from the bottom of your purse. Unless you have multiple chapsticks with your perfume balm and this lip balm. This smells a touch sweeter than the perfume and feels good on the lips. It’s actually going in my pocketbook because chapped lips season is coming. Since I don’t like most chapsticks, I shouldn’t have the confusion issue.

Polishes: PURPLE! Clearly La Isla is my fave. Because… Purple!!!!! I love the deep and rich color of Garden however.  It looks blue, but masquerades as green at times, all depending on the light. I love that.  And there’s just a little bit of sparkle.  Since I’m a glitter lover – WIN!  Brix is nice and I can see me using it, though likely more in the winter or summer. It just isn’t doing it for me with all the holidays right now.

So that’s it. Thoughts? I’m really enjoying my nail polishes. I haven’t been able to do wraps because of my filming schedules.  Polish is cheaper and easier to remove!  I tend to post my manicures on Instagram, so make sure you follow me there! (I haven’t used these yet, so that’s why I’m not including a photo.)

–Lady O