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It’s the holiday season everyone! Time for fun music, festive lights, and a flurry of shopping and the like to provide gifts for those you love.

I love the holidays. I love everything about the holidays.  I am a Christmas girl and pretty much as soon as November 1st hits, the Halloween play list gets retired and it’s Christmas/winter music time!

All you haters can do your Thanksgiving thing, but whatever… that’s just the tide-a-girl-over-just-get-me-to-Christmas day. I do try to keep most of my Christmas music to myself, though.  I’m not totally obnoxious.

The hardest thing, though, is trying to decide what to give people. This used to be super easy.  I could hit The Dollar Store for stocking-stuffers and the like.  Now that my kids are 19 and 17 (What‽ I’m fairly certain this is illegal), not so much. With an extremely limited budget, this gets harder.

Thankfully, my kids are pretty awesome and don’t care as much, but a mom still likes to provide.  That’s just how we moms are.

So, this week I thought I’d help us all out with a little Pinterest inspiration! It’s sort of a hodge-podge of ideas for gifts you could buy, make, and put together.  I may feature some of the things that I prep on my blog, depending on how well I do at this.  However, with only 6 more Saturdays until Christmas – I know we need to start planning now!

So You Just Got Your License Gift Box:

Note: This item is no longer for sale on Amazon, however you can totally put this together for the new driver in your life. My oldest just got his license and first car so I’m thinking some fun car-related things are in his future.  Huzzah for inspiration!

Jar gifts:

There’s seriously about 8 billion pins for mixes you can put in a Mason jar.  What’s lovely is that mixes prove fairly inexpensive (outside of the jar purchase) and quick to assemble.  Everyone loves mixes, and you can provide a treat for someone to enjoy that takes less work to make and is far better than pre-packaged box food with chemicals. I chose the no-knead bread because store-bought bread is creepy and who likes to knead? Not everyone has a Kitchen-Aid. This would be wonderful for your bus driver, secretary, teacher, etc.

Silly Play on Items:

Also for those who you want to give a little something to, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on and you know they really don’t have the ability to store it… like this! My mother and I used to bake treats for our mail carrier.  They really are delivering us our fun holiday cards and presents we ordered… they deserve a little something-something, right? So find ways to make them smile and play… I love the “Miles and Miles” with M&M’s!


I love printables.  Again, this is a great idea paired in an inexpensive frame (Hello Dollar Store!) for teachers, shut-ins, or your neighbor. If you home or visit teach someone, this could be a wonderful addition to your lesson!

Need to Mail Stuff?

Pinterest has you covered!  You can mail all kinds of items straight from your mailbox with stamps. No one wants to go to the post office or shipping store.  You are welcome.

Homemade Items!

There’s always tons of ideas for making things. I know I’m already sewing up a storm and have friends busy with their crochet hooks and knitting needles.  Think about what you can make.  Handcrafted shows a lot of love as well as the possibility to make unique and personalized items.  (Pictured is pot holders.  Now imagine skull  or sci-fi themed pot holders for someone like me?  Awesome! Wait, I think I might need to make that happen.)

Gift Ideas for Men

Guys, we love you but man are you hard to shop for! Never fear, ladies, Pinterest is here:

I’m looking for more holiday gift ideas, especially for guys.  Let me know what you are up to as you prepare for the upcoming holiday!  Note: I’m totally a lover of all winter holidays… so whatever and however you celebrate is welcome here! Leave me a comment!

Happy holidays to all!

-Lady O