fell off the blogging/internet bandwagon with the so-called holiday a week ago.  I went out of town and just sort of checked out for a bit.  I have had a multi-day headache, so that’s part of my problem, but I’m back and ready for action!

Nothing says action like a two week (so I did do some computer work) brochure challenge.  Especially when you get to the start of the second week and discover you need to start from scratch because things were not clearly defined the first week.

Well snap.

The good news, I created a much needed brochure for my Costumers’ Guild.  We are new and in need of a full package, which is why I chose to focus on it so much with my challenges.  Also, it is my personal belief that the best portfolio is one where you can show a cohesive and complete package rather than bits and pieces of various things.  It won’t take much to finalize that NoVA Costumers’ Guild brochure and that is great!

The other good news, after scrambling for a couple of days, I found something to make a brochure about and they wanted a brochure sample much like what I’d made for my guild the week before. Huzzah for a template already made!

Serenity Studios

  • Offers art, originally designed gemstone jewelry, beauty and skin care, and an assortment of web and security based tech services.
  • Focuses trend towards fandom inspired products.
  • Serenity Studios dabbles in a little bit of everything and the proprietors are a whole lot eclectic.
  • Clients targeted: Those in need of web/social media/IT/Security assistance, wood and glass art, fine jewelry, and beauty supplies.

The Basic Design

  • Classic tri-fold brochure
  • Color Scheme: monochromatic neutral earth tones
  • Colors chosen based on Serenity Studios vast array of services as well as the nature of some of their products.
  • Tools used: Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator
  • Fonts used: Champagne and Limousines for the body copy and Sail for the logo and headers.

Special Features

  • Back panel left mainly blank for mailer labels and contains contact information.
  • Two logos designed in Adobe Illustrator to give not only the full name of the company, but to also allow for a monogram.
  • Front image is a place holder while the proprietors wait their new portraits to arrive.
  • Text wrap around the remaining photos, including special editing of both the makeup pallet and the Century 21 logo in Photoshop.

One of the things I like best in working with InDesign is making guidelines.  Layout can be such a pain without that, but the old school journalist in me knows how to mark with blue pencils on layout paper to reserve room for gutters and margins! InDesign allows for you to place guidelines to meet your needs as well and that is vitally important when laying anything out.  It will show you where folds, gutters, and anything else fall while in layout mode.  It can also help you avoid something embarrassing like folding across someone’s eyeball or other horrible thing when you receive the final product.

For your information, the graphics that I used in the brochure are as follows:

Images from press kit, but sourcing: Century 21, Facebook, Serenity Studios, and Younqiue.
Logos for Serenity Studios created by me.

Obligatory Video in case you cannot visualize the brochure from the JPGs above:

–Lady O