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Mostly a Wordless Wednesday.

As many know, this past weekend, the East got hammered by SnowZilla, the angry monster child of Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon. It was the second worse storm in history, according to Dulles Airport. Sheesh.

We got roughly 20 inches at my house.

First flakes seen at 11:15 AM.  By around 5:30, this is what we faced, with the worst still to come:

The kid trying to shovel enough so we can get our door open. #snowzilla2016 #snowday9

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My dog was horrified beyond belief and tried to sleep through the entire storm.

This is Nephi's response to #snowzilla2016! #dogsofinstagram #chihuahuasofinstagram #chihuahualife

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We really did try to help him have an easier time doing his doggie busines.

Little over 24 hours after first flake, the snow was still going strong.

The view at 2:54 PM Saturday, #snowzilla2016 #snowday9 #fxbg

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The view out back… Shows you the drifting! #snowzilla2016 #snowday9 #fxbg

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Nephi decided, maybe he could beat Snowzilla and save us from more snow.

By yesterday, we had signicant melt.  My street hadn’t seen a plow since 3 AM Saturday morning.

Mostly I hid inside.  However, before you think we can’t have some fun, I did get some pictures of Caramon fighting Snowzilla during the storm – Dressed as Starkiller, Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice!

Caramon, after #snowzilla2016, let the #darkside take over. #cosplay #starwars

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–Lady O