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To say I love the Temple is an understatement. With the closure of the DC Temple for a two year long maintenance and re-do, I found myself released from my calling as an ordinance worker. After a long six weeks and getting through my divorce trial, I decided a road trip was in order so I could go to the Temple.

Destination: Atlanta!

The Atlanta Temple is one I’ve been to before, the first time in 1994 while I was studying at High Point University. It was eye opening to me at the time, because I was a new member and thought all temples were huge castles. Can you blame me, DC is the third largest Temple in the world!

Luckily, size doesn’t matter! However, I selected the Atlanta Temple because I wanted to do something particular and it’s a full-service Temple so I wouldn’t have any problems.  Also, while it was erected 35+ years ago, it recently went through a full renovation, just like the DC Temple now.  I wanted to see the changes and so off I went!

I also happen to have friends in the Atlanta area, so free lodging and hanging with pals was pretty darn nice. I’ve been to Atlanta multiple times, but there’s still a few sites I’ve never seen.  Such as the aquarium. Ranking #1 in the nation, this was a must-see sight for me. Somehow the Baltimore Aquarium is only #3 and I love that place!

I gotta admit, this place is pretty dang awesome.  If you are are in Atlanta, make this a destination.  Bonus, it’s across from World of Coke so you can make a day of it.  (I went to World of Coke a few years back and yes, it’s totally a must-go to place!)

I kid you not, you can scuba dive.  It’s extra money and you have to plan that in advance. I would love to do so, though I’ll admit that scuba diving kind of scares me as well.

While in Atlanta, I did something I so rarely do… I decided to be a fangirl.  I work with too many celebrities to really fangirl, but The Walking Dead films in the Atlanta area and is set in Northern Virginia where I live.  Knowing I could get a selfie in front of the Alexandria Safe Zone amused me to no end. It simply had to be done.

I spent about a week in Atlanta.  Atlanta has so many amazing things!!! Here’s what you need to know if you plan to go to Atlanta when you temple hop:

  1. The Temple is full service, but definitely call ahead to check the schedule, because the afternoon can get a little dodgy.  It was randomly packed on the morning I went which I loved seeing!
  2. The World of Coke – Seriously it’s so freaking awesome. The South is absolutely a great place for business, and Coke is one of the best!  Also, you can totally try all sorts of international/regional flavors not found in America.
  3. Babyland General Hospital – Not even going to lie. This 80’s girl made the trek to the home of Cabbage Patch on my first real adventure in Atlanta.  It’s worth the drive and it is in Cleveland, Georgia.
  4. Georgia Aquarium – Ranked #1 in the nation. A tunnel through aquariums. Giant whale sharks, penguins, you name it. There’s no rainforest like in Baltimore, but that’s OK.
  5. Filming locations – If you are really in to seeing filming locations, pretty much everything is filmed in Georgia these days. You can’t hardly turn around without finding something from a TV show.  Do some googling, find filming locations.  If you want to see both Woodbury and Alexandria from The Walking Dead, they are seriously only separated by a set of railroad tracks.  (No, I’m really not kidding here!)  Helpful hint: Fill up with gas when you get off the interstate near Senoia.  The reason The Walking Dead and so many other wilderness/country stuff is filmed there is you will very quickly find yourself in the serious boondocks. Gas stations are few and far between and they do close at dark.
  6. Pins I recommend from The Hard Rock Cafe: Dragon*Con collector pins, the Southern Belle, or one of the toothbrush pins.  Apparently, there’s some huge dental convention there and some dental stuff that’s been around forever there.  I mean that’s just really random and cool, but I may be overly excited about my Invisalign.  But seriously, it’s a Hard Rock Cafe pin featuring toothbrushes.  (I may be filled with regret I didn’t snag one for the weirdness aspect or for my orthodontist.)

–Lady O