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I love to travel and I am definitely a Temple Tourist! Whenever I need to travel, I immediately look for the nearest Temple regardless of the reason for travel. The last few years I have been on the International Costumers’s Guild (ICG) Board of Directors and that means I am headed to the annual Costume-Con, whenever it may be held.

This year, we are in sunny San Diego! I lived in Yuma for a couple of years, so I have been to San Diego multiple times. I love the city, I love the weather, I love the vibe. There’s so many reasons to go to San Diego! Claim one, pack a bag, and roll out. You won’t be sorry!

I made a few phone calls to the Temple after buying my plane tickets and a plan formed. Leaving Baltimore at 6:00 AM wasn’t my idea of a great time, but with some “better living through chemistry”, I slept on and off the whole way. My travel mate and I stepped off the plane at 8:30 AM, snagged our luggage, dropped about $20 on an Uber, and were at the San Diego Temple before 9:30!

San Diego Temple on Arrival with grey skies.

I snapped this for my Ministering Brother, who used to be a Temple Worker here before moving to Virginia. Thankfully, by the time we completed our session, the skies cleared and we could truly enjoy the special treats at the San Diego Temple.

The Celestial Room is very light and airy with ultra high ceilings and light stained glass in the tower you see before you now. However, if you go up the stairs, you find yourself in an atrium with clear skylights, local flora, and sealing rooms. This is a must-see for any of you tourists out there!

Another surprise treat we found was a fully operating cafeteria in this Temple! I thought that those were no more! Wow!

Pink flowers on the temple grounds

Purple flowers on the temple grounds.

I super love the gardens around Temples so I try to find ways to feature them. San Diego has palm trees and flowers and I could just live forever here because it is so pretty!

The Temple through the fence.

We needed to get to the hotel, so sight seeing will come later, but there are so many things to do in the San Diego area. Visit Old Town, the beach, the seals (or the Seals), the zoo (best in the nation!), and so much more.

I’ve already gotten nummy tacos and I am having so much fun in California!

–Lady O