What’s with the blowing up of the Leo on Sunday night? Thank goodness Piper has proved to us that you just cannot blow up Leo. Grrrr. But that creepy Chris guy who totally worked Leo out of the house? Frell that man! I mean whatever. Whitelighters don’t usually live with their charges and marry them. But Leo did. So why can’t he just stay with Piper and be an Elder too? These are people who do not live by the rules! (Of course these rule were MEANT to be broken!)

And just who is Chris? I thought for a while he might be baby Wyatt all grown up but now I don’t think that so much. If he is then I hope Elder Leo comes orbing in and spanks the pants off his hoodlum son! I can see it now! Here goes:

Leo orbs into The Manor
Leo: Daddy’s HOME!
Chris/Wyatt: Uh oh!
Chris/Wyatt trys to orb out
Elder Leo stops the orbing with his Elder powers and then slams Chris/Wyatt into a wall
Leo: Time for a spanking son!

Forget being a pacifist Leo! Spank that boy! Hmmm… If Leo IS an Elder then I think he should get spanking priveleges on Whitelighter Gone Bad regardless of if the boy is his son or not. Hmmmm…

Writers of Charmed… give us satisfaction. Bring Leo in to spank the PANTS off Chris! (And while we are on the topic of PANTS… give Phoebe REAL PANTS)