Went to my Doctor’s office this morning. They can’t do anything as an office. However one lady gave me two dollars. And the rest of the staff said to leave the information and to come back later or on Monday and they’d see what they could do. I’ll go Monday… hopefully I’ll get something. Then went to the bank to deposit a check. They cant’ do anything either and no one wanted to personally donate. Of course I’m pretty sure they dont’ have money back there that is personal due to the whole it is a bank issue. Oh well. At least I tried! I’m keeping it up…

I’m down to under two weeks to go. EEEEK! I need to get some money fast! Help me! I’m going to PRISON!!!

So here’s the new stats…

Bail Set At: $2100
Bail Envelope Has: $35
PayPal has: $20
Bail Total: $55
Bail Still Needed: $2,045

Feel free to donate! The MDA thanks you and so do I!