So today I thought I’d be nice. I wanted to practice my decorating since I’m taking a class on cake decorating. So I got the stuff together to make cookies and frosting. I invited my friend Misty over with her kids. Between the recipie and the kids it took five hours. ARGH. And I was insane. And to top it off, my frosting is too thin. What the freak? So I am going to put it in the fridge and hopefully it will harden up. Otherwise I’ll have to call my friend I’m taking the class with and ask her advice. I’ve never made frosting before. Usually I buy the Wilton cake frosting and then if I need to thin I do, which I usually do need to do. But this is weird. *SIGH* I’m excited about the class though! 🙂 Not to mention that but the kids went psycho. They were throwing tins, they were touching each other with feet, and then my favourite, Joram accidently knocked over my mixer and now it is broken. ARGH! Ooooh got to love kids!

Also tonight we signed our refinance paperwork. By by pretty bank balance. We are now broke. *SOB* But we have a much nicer mortgage payment! WOOHOO And we don’t have to pay mortgage next month so we should be able to have a nice Christmas. YAY! We now have a 4.5% intrest rate. WOOHOO. Our mortgage payment is going to be $200 cheaper.