So since Sir Megabyte was working on a friend’s sister’s roof, I scrapbooked with Misty. I got four pages done! Woohoo… now I’m up to May 2001. So I’m not too far behind! Yay! Especially considering i didn’t take a whole lot of pictures for the next year and a half beacause Caramon was sick. I did two easter pages and two pages for a father-son campout. Now silly Sir Megabyte didn’t get anyone to take a picture of him with the boys. So it is filled with pictures of the campsite and the boys but none of daddy! So I told him he might want to get a picture of him with the boys next time! He did a grat job taking pictures though!

Now my problem is that right around then… I hadn’t put my pictures in my little travel picture holder sorter thingy. They were on my desk. Well they got moved. Kids had them last I remember. Now I can’t find them ANYWHERE. I’ve looked all over. Where on earth could they have gone? Thankfully right about that time period I started printing all my film with a picture CD too so I can print off pictures if I need to. But I’m not happy about it. GRRR Wish I could figure out where pictures could be. If anyone has any wild and zany ideas of where to look, please tell me. I’ve tried everything I could think of. Heck I even looked in all three bathrooms under the sink! That should tell ya something! LOL.

The lunar eclipse was cool tonight. I took a bunch of pictures. I will have to weed through them to figure out what to post. I stayed out too long though and now I’m frozen and my throat is scratchy. I may not get to it in the next day or two. But as soon as I do, I’ll post at least one or two here as well as a link to the rest!