Whew! Four rolls, not five, so I would have had them all on CD. YAY. But I have them all now. They were in the basement on top of a bookcase! Whew… so glad I found them! What a relief! Now I don’t have to print them off!

Which trying to figure out where they were I worked on editing some of my digital camera pictures we took with our last digital camera. It wasn’t a good quality one but the pictures aren’t half bad once I photoshop them some! Yay! Which is good because most of the pictures I have of Caramon in the hospital are from that digital for some reason. I wonder why. But that was like two years worth of photos. I went ahead and did all of them. Hopefully they will print off decently now. Good thing I did all this research, because I have several pictures to print to go with the pages I’m going to be doing next. I wish I had taken more with my film camera because it is such a higher quality…but I have not much choice since apparently I didn’t.

I’m so excited about finding my pictures. Now they are going on my desk on top of the battery box. Hopefully I won’t lose them again. (There’s too many for my Sassy Scrapper picture purse take around town doohickey.)

I’m excited to get more scrapbooking done. I think I’m gonna do some now… as soon as my pictures finish printing.