So anyway… slow slow goings. *SIGH* I’m starting to get really discouraged and thinking I’m not going to make it. I really wanted to. If you think you might know anyone who could help… please post a link or something… I’m not asking for much. I need 1815 more in donations. At $10 a donation that is 182 people donating. At $20 a donation that is 91 people donating. And at $30 a donation, that is only 61 people donating. Surely if I can get a mixture… then it would be great. But $10 bucks is all I ask of anyone. Does anyone think they can help??? I am now having to raise my hopeful donater number from 19 a day to 37. I need 37 people a day to donate 10 bucks each. *SIGH* It’s for a really good cause. Time is drawing close. I only have till Thursday. And so especially on here I only have till late Wed night. Sorry to go on and on. I really did want to get closer than this to bail.

Bail Set At: $2100
Bail Envelope Has: $176
PayPal has: $109.85
Bail Total: $285.85
Bail Still Needed: $1,814.15
Number of donations today: 1 out of hopeful 37.

Feel free to donate! The MDA thanks you and so do I!

$10 donation

$20 donation

$30 donation

Thank you for your donation and please feel free to forward this to anyone to help out! The children thank you and so do I!