I’m taking the Wilton 2 Cake Decorating Class with a friend. It’s a lot of fun. I haven’t done class 1 but that is not important. Class 2 is all flowers. So far I’ve had two classes. There are four but I missed the first one. I’ve had lots of homework which involves mass quantities of powdered sugar. I’ve not been having much luck with the icing. On Tuesday my icing was so thick it was like play dough. And on Friday my icing was so thin it was like water. OK, not really like water… but you get the comparison. Argh! But oh well. I’ve got tons of little flowers now of different types. Roses, daffadils, dandilions, etc.

Tuesday is my last class. I have to bake a cake. And decorate it. I’ll post a picture once I’m done. I hope it looks OK.

Friday night i picked up some things. Some more colours mainly. But also an extra basketweave tip for Tuesday, and a tip case because rifling through a baggie was old. Now I can put them in numerical order and find the tips I need much easier!! Yay! I also went ahead and bought a four pack of couplers. I think I have six or eight now. So that will be nicer as well. 🙂

I’m learning a lot at the class. I’m finding there are some flowers I’m good at. And some I suck at. The weird thing is two flowers we learned on Tuesday use almost the same exact technique. Well I’m definately better at one than the other. Go figure!

I’m glad I’m taking the class. I’ve been wanting to forever! Having a friend do it with me helped though! 🙂 I think we are both going to try to take class 3 in January. In that class you learn how to make a wedding cake!