Well so far I’ve made a fat lot of nothing since my last post. I have just gone to collect from my neighbours who said they would sponser me. They are all hiding from me! (Or most likely just not home. Though I swear I saw one guy closing his garage not five minutes before I went over there!)

So so far it seems like this experiment is translating into… No… a weblog can’t. But since you never know I’m gonna continue with it!!

So you be the judge as you help pass along the news and participate in the experiment. Just how many people do you think will read this? How many do you think will participate? Do you just think I am a dork? Feel free to comment with your answer!! πŸ™‚ I’m pretty resilient so let me know!! πŸ™‚

We are down to just about 62 hours. This means I need to make… er… 30 bucks an hour. Yipes!! πŸ™‚ Anyone think I can do it? Please any suggestions are welcome!! Surely I’m not gonna be stuck at under 300 bucks! I have to do better than that!

Hmmm… and it makes me wonder… if a weblog can make me money to bail me out of jail for MDA? Just how much can we raise between now and Thursday 8:00 AM Eastern?

Don’t wait! Participate in this grand experiment now!! Just email your friends my blog entry. Or repost my blog entry into your blog!! The bloggers and internet generation will RULE THE EARTH!!!! (Plus it is for a good cause AND could be vastly amusing!!)

Feel free to donate! The MDA thanks you and so do I!

$10 donation

$20 donation

$30 donation

$50 donation for those really big hearted spenders out there!

Thank you for your donation and please feel free to forward this to anyone to help out! The children thank you and so do I!

POST!!! We are at 62 hours and COUNTING!!!!!!