1. Joram cuts out two triangles of paper. he then tapes them to his face. He comes running up to me and says “I’ve got vampire teeth!” And then he tried to look like REALLY scary. But he was grinning and giggling in the back of his throat and it was too funny.

2. So I’m in a chat room and we’re talking about busses. So I was commenting how my driver as a kid would let us sing christmas carols but she wouldn’t let us do all the extra call back thingies. I specifically mentioned Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Well I didnt’ say anything outloud and Caramon was in the kitchen (making beaver teeth by the way) and he suddenly starts singing… Rudolph!!

3. Caramon has found about 8 different tunes to sing Hey Diddle Diddle to. He is cycling through them. Anyone want a hyper little boy?

4. Joram is super smart man. No seriously. Youngest kid in his class and doing awesome. Well anyway, so I said one day “You’re a Mr Smartypants!” I’m so proud of him! Anyway, he decided he’s not a smartypants. He’s a SmartyHead. So he has been singing “I’m a SmartyHead! I’m a SmartyHead!” today. Kids are cute.

5. Lately my kids want me to fool around with them. For instance the other night they asked me to play this milk game. One night I was teasing them about loving their chocolate milk. So they were stirring and I teased them saying “Don’t stir it! It’s supposed to be white!” They thought it was very funny so they asked me the other night to do this with them. We had great fun. And last week they asked me while tucking them in “Mommy, pretend to be making off with our blankets!” So I had to swipe their blankets and pretend to be a blanket thief! Kids are cute!

6. So joram is playing gamecube. He’s playing Spiderman. He’s doing the tutorial. And the guy telling him how to play well goes “Who’s your buddy?” Joram screams and points at the TV and is all excited… “YOU!!!”